Jeep H07 Multi-function Outdoor Knife with Multi-tool Pliers & Adjustable Wrench


Jeeps used to be pretty cool until 1987 when Chrysler bought them and put square headlights along the Chrysler curse on them.  I had a 1980 CJ-7 it was the most awesome vehicle I have ever owned.  Just because it says Jeep doesn’t mean that it is a quality product ,however we came across this Jeep branded multi tool.  This neat little tool includes pliers, screwdrivers, a knife and an adjustable wrench.

Check it out over at Amazon


  1. This looks pretty cool. I’m a multitool junkie & will check them all out for functionality ^& quality. Today’s Jeep’s (off road ones) are pretty cool looking & that is one of the cars I would like to own one day. I think the cool factor is awesome, especially the four door ones that come apart. Laters TIA

  2. How big a nut can the pliers/wrench grasp?

    In the photos, with no scale indicated, they look pretty small. Will they fit a standard bike axle nut?


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