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Rockwell Jawhorse Miter Table Overview

As you may or may not already know, we really had fun testing the Jawhorse.  When we first starting working with the Jawhorse we thought it was pretty cool, but as time went by and we really discovered how many different uses you can do with the Jawhorse, we became a believer.  With that said and so many uses, another cool feature or add on is the miter stand table.

The miter stand table is a very cool way to give your miter saw portability with ease of use.  Yes you can use a regular miter stand or even build your own, but this one gives you just another option.  It is for someone who already owns the Jawhorse, doesn’t want to build a stand or someone who is using the Jawhorse on a regular basis and occasionally wants to throw their miter saw up to make a couple of quick cuts.

As you can see by the picture above, the system comes with two rollers and the quick clamps for the 2×4’s to use with the rollers.  The rollers are very nice as you can easily adjust the height and they seem to have some pretty good bearings where the wood is very easy to handle.  The table top is 5/8″ thick which offers plenty of strength.  The dimensions are (roughly) 19.5″ x 31.5″, so its nice and big, but not too big where it gets in the way with your work space.

The Jawhorse Miter Table Review

Again as with some of our other reviews, there is not a lot to test here.  What we did want to find out is how sturdy the table is and how practical it is for a miter table.   Overall the system is very stable and very easy to work with.  In no time we were able to cut some legs, attach the 2×4″ and set up the rollers and our system was ready to use.  We tried a couple different miter saws on the table, anything from a small 23lb to an old large slider weighing 49 lbs.  It didn’t matter the size or the weight, the system was stable and very easy to work with.

Setting up the table in the Jawhorse was also a snap, just place in the jaw and press the foot pedal to tighten the system up.  One item we would recommend is drilling some holes into the table and fastening the miter saw down.  For one thing the table has a laminate over the wood, so it can slide around a little, but not much.  The main thing is for safety.  Any time you are using a saw or any other dangerous power tool, always think safety first.

Final thoughts on the Jawhorse Miter Table

If you already own the Jawhorse for all the other many uses, you might want to take a look at the miter stand accessory.  The table is built to withstand whatever the Jawhorse throws at it, so don’t be afraid to clamp down nice and hard on the system to keep it in play.  We really like the added features such as the rollers and the clamp system for the 2×4.


  1. I am very impressed with the versatility of Rockwell’s Jawhorse! The tool itself has great product design, and the accessories are well thought out for complete job use. Your reviews are informative. Thank you!

  2. Nice review on the Jawhorse accessories, and a nice review on the Jawhorse itself. I think the addition of the videos really makes you guys unique. Eric, you should be a movie star!!


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