ISO Tunes – Noise Isolating Earbuds


Over the years we have become wiser to understanding just how sensitive our ears are to noise.  We are starting to understand that we need to protect them from high decibels levels.  If we don’t take action now and protect them, we will be guaranteed to be using hearing aids when we get older.  Serious who wants to worry about using hearing aids when we will have to be worrying about if the tennis ball on our walkers is still attached or did we change our depends.  Why have one more thing to worry about when we get older?  So let me introduce to an option on the market that can help protect your ears, the ISO Tunes

ISO Tunes has two different products available to the market.  They have the ISOtunes and ISOtunes pro.  Besides a $30 price tags, there are differences between the two.  Before I jump to the differences between the two, I want to cover a key feature to these.

Both units are Bluetooth enabled which means you don’t have to worry about a cord going from your phone to your headphones.  The headphones have a unique foam guard that are heat activated from your body to give a nice tight fit in your ear.  The foam is a memory foam, so it will expand back into place when insert and taking out of your ear.  This is just like the foam hearing protection you are using on the job site.

So as I said there are two versions available to the consumer, ISOtunes and ISOtunes pro.  With the pro, you will be paying about $30 more, but you do get more bang for your buck.  With the pro, you get about 10 hours of run time where the regular version you get about 4 hours of run time.  A huge difference if you will be using them throughout the day, which I think most people will.  The pro has a better fitting ear piece that wraps around your ear, so it won’t fall out.  The pro has a reduction rating for 27 dB, while the regular is is 26dB.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth option that not only produces the quality sound of music but also lets you take phone calls and protects your hearing, take a look at the ISOTunes headphones.

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  1. I NEED these! The %&#$ I have to listen to all day long on my coworkers radios is unbearable. Either that or I have to start showing up at job sites at 5:30 AM(The first radio chooses the music)


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