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Olala Flash Drive

A couple of months ago we showed you the Olala iDisk storage solution.  Well, now they have another version available that is smaller.  We wanted to tell you about.  If you are not familiar with Olala and how they work, let me give you a quick run down.  As you know your iPhone only has so much storage and it get’s eaten up very quickly with pictures and apps.  Yes, you can use online storage, but there are a couple issues with online storage.  First, you must have some sort of internet access to use online storage.  Second, it can eat away at your data and third sometimes it can be slow.  The Olala helps eliminate this by providing you with a physical expanded storage for your iPhone or iPad.

Olala Flash Drive

I have been using this device for a while and love it for a couple of reasons.  For me, I want to be able to instantly access my data.  I have two kids and take a ton of pictures, so my storage is always full.  Second, I am not always around internet connections.  Now, I don’t use this all the time, but I really rely on it during flights.  As you know you have to pay for the internet on flights.  With the Olala, I just transfer movies to the Olala drive and during flights, I can watch my movies.

The best part of the drive system for me is the ease of access.  I just plug the USB end into a computer and transfer files, it’s that easy.  When I am on the plane, I just plug the Olala drive into my phone and I get a pop-up box showing me it found a new drive.  From there another box pops open that lets me select if I want to view movies, pictures, files or other information.  I can just tap on movies and I see a list of movies.  From there, I just pick the movie and sit back and enjoy.

Again this isn’t for everyone, but for those who need some extra storage, this is a great option.  I have been using mine for a while and love it.  You can check out more about them on Amazon.


  1. Never thought of getting something like that but now that I see it I may give it a try. Seems a little bulky do you just use it and than take it off when not needed? Anyway thanks for the heads up Eric


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