Husqvarna LGT 2654 Garden Tractor


Recently we got to test out a Husqvarna LGT 2654.  The LGT 2654 is powered by an easy to maintain 26hp Kohler courage engine.  The engine has plenty of power to propel the 3 bladed 54″ air induction deck through the tallest of grass.  This is a hydrostatic tractor that is controlled by a lever not a foot switch.  In areas when you need to precisely control your speed you will have to take one hand off of the steering wheel.  Also when cutting on rough terrain the handle has a tendency to slowly return to the neutral position.  There is a left pedal for the brake. It also includes a parking brake feature via a lever on the side of the dash.  The deck has a simple spring lever that allows you to easily loosen the belt when replacing belts or removing the deck.  The deck has reinforced tubing to protect it against curb rash and like most tractors includes a deck wash port.

Husqvarna Tractor 10

Husqvarna Tractor 12

Husqvarna Tractor 11

The build quality of our unit is good, the welds are clean and the paint job is perfect.  The hood is made from steel and gives it an even more quality feel.  The 4 gallon fuel tank has a visual gauge visible from the drivers seat so you know when you are running low.  The dash is laid out well and it has an hour meter to keep track of your service intervals.  It also has easy to access Zerk grease fittings.  The key has a RIO (Reverse Implement Option)  position which allows you to mow in reverse.  A headlight switch controls the 2 front headlights for those of you that like to mow at night.  They have also added what looks to be a cell phone holder but it will not fit any smart phones.

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The overall comfort level on this tractor was good, the seat absorbed a lot of the bumps and the steering wheel felt just right.  It was easy to exit the tractor from either side, the levers are recessed enough so they do not get in the way.  The PTO is electronic, simply pull the switch and the 3 blades roar into action.  It really leaves a nice cut and the lines look great.  We gave it to Tony who used it at one of his properties to mow the big areas.  He mowed some long grass and the Husqvarna didn’t even flinch.  Around trees the unit was great thanks to its 18″ turning radius.

Husqvarna Tractor 1

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Since this is a garden tractor it allows you to pull ground engaging attachments like the Agri-Fab Smart Link that we reviewed here. Power was in abundance for all tasks we threw at it. Although not recommended we even pulled a Kawasaki Mule 610 that weighs 1,000 lbs up hill! Husqvarna is a quality brand that has been around for many years. The LGT 2654 should provide you with years of trouble free service.


Husqvarna covers this product with a 3 Year Limited / 5 Year Limited Chassis and Axle / 10 Year Limited Deck Shell warranty.


  1. That is a very good looking tractor, looks well bilt. Its nice that the hood is steel, the John Deere’s was plastic.

  2. ” It also has easy to access Zerk grease fittings. ”
    Apparently you didn’t try to grease the center mandrel on the mower deck. You have to drop the deck to get to it!!!!

    • It can be done with a smaller grease gun with a flex line to connect to the zerk, but even then it’s a tight fit. Lower the deck as far as possible and maneuver it in place easily.

  3. I bought this tractor 2 years ago, and am overall happy with it EXCEPT for 3 items:
    Oil has leaked from front left valve cover since I purchased the tractor.
    The 2 rear welded supports at rear of mower deck started to break at the welds. This is due to poor design, not inferior welds. I welded and screwed galvanized clips to reinforce.
    Previous Husqvarna tractor had steering problems with gear at base of steering shaft – this is same design so I expect to have same problems in future.

    Overall the engine is strong and a well built tractor with a great cut width.

  4. I would hesitate to do anything besides mow grass with this machine. It may be a “LGT” with a big motor, but the K46 hydro Husqvarna installs on these is a weak link. It’s fine for basic use but will overheat under heavy use (towing, pulling). I had one and found out the hard way. If you don’t believe me, check out all of the online reviews, especially on the Lowe’s website. Many manufacturers use the K46 and its fine for mowing but I would not do anything else with it. I spoke to Husqvarna about 2 years ago and they were still using the K46 on the LGT2654. There is also no practical way to service the transmission short of completely dropping it.

  5. What they don’t tell you is the trabmission only has a 2 year warranty, which I found out the hard way. Mine went out at 30 months. As previously stated uses the K46 transmission


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