Husqvarna HU800AWD – All Wheel Drive Push Mower


Mower technology is really coming out in force this year.  We already told you about the Raven, which is a Hybrid mower and now Husqvarna has released a Honda powered all wheel drive push mower.  I was at my local Lowes the other day and got to spend a few minutes with this mower.  It has a very quality feel to it and is packed with features.  First lets talk about the AWD system, why would need AWD?  There are many reasons but hilly terrain is the main.  Sure you could man up and lug a mower up a hill with no propulsion, but why not work smarter and not harder?  When your bag gets loaded the weight of the mower can be substantial, propulsion helps and the addition of the AWD means that you can tackle any terrain with ease, even long wet grass.

To power the HU800AWD Husqvarna opted for the bulletproof, reliable and economical Honda GVC190 motor.  This is engine is a premium in the push mower market.  This mower has a 22″ deck with a deck wash feature.  Basically you just connect a hose to it and run it while it washes the deck.  This eliminates buildup and that wet grass smell.  The mower is a 3 in one meaning it bags, mulches and has a side discharge.  Check out our article on how to choose a mower.  Husqvarna protects this mower with a 3 year warranty.  Check out Husqvarna



  1. Stay away from these. I like Husqvarna chain saws and interlocking brick saws but they cheaped out with certain parts on their mowers. The wheels are poorly made and the drive system is as well. Excellent Honda engines but i’d rather just own a Honda period. I was very disapointed with mine. Yes i used them alot since i owned a grass cutting business, but they didn’t last long. Even the tread on the wheels were poorly engineered. I’m not biased, but when it comes to push or self propelled lawn mowers (for home owners or landscapers) Honda, Lawn Boy and Toro are the best. And Lawn Boy has 2 designs, one for home owners, and one for companies that need bigger gas tanks and sturdier wheels.


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