Husqvarna 327LS Straight Shaft Trimmer – Review


As we roll into fall here in the Midwest the last thing people think about is a trimmer, but now can be a great time to buy a trimmer on sale.  I go through so many trimmers it is crazy, they all have something I don’t like.  Either not enough power or the string mechanism is a pain to operate.  I literally bought a new trimmer once and spent 2 days trying to get the thing stringed, I finally just gave it to Eric.

We reviewed a Husqvarna chainsaw and blower in recent months and were impressed by the reliability and power that they had so I figured let’s try a trimmer.  Husqvarna sent us the 327LS a 24.5 cc 1.hp Straight Shaft Trimmer that weighs just over 10 lbs.  Like all Husqvarna products it is designed to for reliability, to take abuse and be as comfortable as possible to use.  It does a great job at all these and is great all around trimmer for the home owner and pro alike.


This is the gas first trimmer I have ever used where I could not feel the motor vibration in my hand, it is well balanced and comfortable to use.  The trigger has a safety and the stop switch is of the momentary type so it is always ready to go on the next start.  Balance was great!


For easy starting it has a compression button and started within the second pull every time.  The Tap ‘n Go trimmer head worked very well and was easy to string, I never thought I would say that!  It was so simple and easy to use I really liked this feature.  You can access all the maintenance items with ease on this trimmer and it even has a stand alone starter pull that you can remove with just a few screws and replace it with a new one in minutes!  2 clips allow you to replace the air filer in seconds, without any tools!

We used the 327ls on a house where they hadn’t trimmed all summer, the trimmer had plenty of power for this task.  Throttle response was spot on and I felt it was easy to control.  With this trimmer you will want to wear safety glasses when trimming the 8400 rpm can create projectiles even with the smallest of debris.   You cant go wrong with the Husqvarna 327LS, it will last a lifetime of use with proper care and if you’re a homeowner quite possibly be the last trimmer you will ever buy.  The Tap ‘n Go head will save you many hours of aggravation when it is time to restring!  Husqvarna covers this product with a 2 year warranty and we highly recommend this trimmer!


  1. I have had a number of trimmers over the years & I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SPOOL
    FED TRIMMER. Now I have the ECHO straight shaft SRM-225 SPEED FEED.
    No spools that get all tangled up or drop and roll down the hill.

  2. I would like to see you review some of the Core Outdoor Products. I have used the line trimmer and it makes all other gasless trimmers look like toys. I would like to know what you think of this technology. They have a lawn mower coming out this year

    • Ive seen Core at GIE, the technology is a bit misleading. Basically they are battery powered but they lead you to think it is something else.

  3. From your response I would say you were not impressed by the products and may not be a fan of battery powered trimmers. Thanks for the input.

    • Hi Tom, Battery powered trimmers are good for small lawns and gas is better for bigger areas. I have used the WORX GT which I actually quite liked. I will contact CORE and see if we could get a unit, for review. They actually look quite powerful from a Youtube video I just watched on them.


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