Husky Workbench

Husky Workbench

Husky is an exclusive Home Depot brand that offers several tool storage solutions, workbenches, and similar products for your garage and workshop.  Here we look at the 4 ft. solid wood top Husky Workbench.

Husky Workbench Overview

Some time ago, I thought that a workbench was kind of a boring, “blah”, basic workshop element that could be acquired with little thought.  After all, it does not actually cut, grind, sand, attach, or do much of anything else besides stand there.  I’ve learned a sub-par work surface can make for much frustration in the shop.  This Husky Workbench is a great work surface option.  Several features of this Husky Workbench excite me and I think you’ll share my enthusiasm.  Yes, we are going to be enthusiastic about a workbench.  Bear with me.

Husky Workbench Features

Husky Workbench

This Husky Workbench, Model # 20T002-1B, boasts a 1,000lb load capacity, and a powder-coated finish that should be able to withstand a fair amount of punishment. Husky offers a lifetime warranty.  Though I have not placed 1,000lb on the workbench and cannot speak to its performance over a “lifetime”, such promises do imply that Husky has confidence in this workbench.

Husky Workbench

The solid wood top sitting on an all-steel base makes this Husky Workbench a sturdy, practical-sized work surface for your shop. The workbench height is 37.25″ and is not adjustable.

Husky Workbench

The 20T002-1B Husky Workbench is 48 in. W x 20 in. D base.  We can all agree, stability is the most important thing with it comes to a work surface.  Lopsighted loads as well as bumps and jolts will make short work of poorly-constructed workbenches.

Husky Workbench

An all-steel frame provides stability and strength.

Husky Workbench

I feel with most projects, you need to be able to move around the workbench, shift weight, and so on. The workbench’s construction is secured and reinforced at key points, making for an overall sturdy base.  And the compact size offers a lot of flexibility to position it to give you maximum access to your project.

Husky Workbench

This is one of my favorite features: independent, adjustable-height rubber feet. We’ve all been in a basement or workshop where the floor is cracked, sloping, warped, and otherwise imperfect.  We try placing something like cardboard or scrap wood shims under the “short” leg, which is usually an imperfect, shaky solution.  These adjustable rubber feet effectively produce a level work surface even when the floor isn’t.

Husky Workbench Performance

A workbench should be judged on its stability and sturdiness.  The Husky Workbench rates pretty well on both metrics with its all-steel, reinforced construction, solid wood top, and leveling feet.

I also appreciate that the Husky Workbench is easy to set up.  Only two tools are required: a drill with a cross-head bit and a 5mm hex key.

Husky Workbench Value

I did a quick “workbench” search on the Home Depot site – this is the least expensive and can be purchased at Home Depot for around $130 dollars. Considering the lifetime warranty, adjustable-height legs, and overall reinforced construction, I think this Husky Workbench is a great, low-cost investment for those who need a stable, compact, high-load-capacity work surface.

Husky Workbench Wrap Up

This compact workbench checks all the boxes for me: easy setup, good quality construction, a warranty, and a no-hassle return policy. If you need more work surface in your shop at a reasonable price, this Husky Workbench is worth your consideration. I recommend you head over to Home Depot and take a look.


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