Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

Today’s impact wrenches are more powerful than ever before.  As power and technology increase with the tools, so do other problems.  One problem is overtightening and stripping nuts and bolts.  So how do you prevent this from happening?  Husky came up with a solution that they think will help you with their new power tool accessory.  So let’s check out the Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review Overview

So, we’re pretty much all familiar with using an impact to remove lug nuts, and reinstall them. But were you aware that all vehicles have specific torque specifications for their lug nuts? These specifications are generally lower than what most automotive shops end up tightening them to. This may not sound like a big deal, or even “tighter is better”, right? Wrong.

Have you ever had to change a tire on the side of the road, only to not be able to break the lug nuts loose because of how tight they are? What about having a shop tell you your wheel stud broke while they were finishing up a brake job? These are all problems with over torquing lug nuts. To prevent these issues, it is important to get the lug nuts just under the torque specification, then tighten them up to the proper torque spec. with a torque wrench.

The Husky Torque Limiting Extensions allow you to do just that, the same way professional tire shops do it, but without breaking the bank.

This 5-piece kit features extensions rated from 65 ft./lbs. to 140 ft./lbs.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review Features


The hard-plastic case provides a secure and organized way to store the 5 extensions, staying closed with a sturdy plastic latch. The extensions are labeled as well as their perspective spot in the case.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

Each extension is color-coded for easy identification.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

The extensions are ½” drive, with the male ends having a friction ball for socket retention.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

The diameter of the male ends are small enough to fit inside double ended sockets – which are popular in the tire & wheel industry. The largest diameter extension, rated at 140 ft./lbs. is pictured above, inside the smallest flip socket I have, a 17mm.


The female ends have a hole for a corresponding friction ball impact wrench. They also accept friction rings.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review Performance

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

The extensions fit snugly in their case and are easy to identify and choose.

The color coding on the female ends was easy to see, and once you get used to the one or two you use most frequently, it will make things even easier. The writing on the shank is also easy to read if you are unsure of which color pertains to which torque rating.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review

Sockets fit easily and securely on the male ends. Impacts and other extensions fit just the same in the female ends.

They did their job, stopping the lug nut from spinning just below the rated torque that I used (80 ft./lbs.) when checking with my torque wrench.

These extensions are not a replacement for a torque wrench, just a fast and easy way to get the lug nuts close, so the final torque process is also fast and easy.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review Value

When I received these extensions, their price at Home Depot was $49.97. The only other place I have found this type of tool is on a tool truck, where a 5-piece set will run you around $200. That price difference, coupled with the same kind of lifetime warranty, and their performance, makes this buy a “no-brainer”.

Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review Final Thought

What’s not to like? The price is right, the extensions are easy to use, they work as advertised, and they store & transport easily. This is pretty much the pinnacle of what we’re after.

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