Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

Let’s face it, when it comes to tie-downs, there are a ton of options for the consumer.  However if you have bought these handy straps in the past, you know they are not all created equal. I have spent a ton of money on some brands only have them break or be a pain to work with. On the other side, I have bought cheap ones without much luck as well. While the mechanism sometimes last, they are a pain to work with because they are smaller. So speaking of tie downs, let’s check out the Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review and see how they stack up.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review Overview

Tie downs are one of the most overlooked and underappreciated accessories, well at least in my eyes. But if you drive down the highway you will see them being used all over the place. From the guy in his 1973 VW with a homemade trailer and underrated tires to a massive semi with a huge payload. You will see these straps all over the place and let’s be honest, if you don’t have a good tie down, it can mean the matter of life and death.

I have used some of the older Husky tie downs in the past and in all honesty, I wasn’t a huge fan of them. While they were strong, they were not the best for the price. Well, Husky redesigned these tie downs from the ones I tried a long time ago and since the price is right, I had to give them another shot.

Husky RatchetTie Down Review Features

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The Husky tie-downs come in a four pack and are 1.25″ wide by 16′ long. The model number is 1001 755 669

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The handle and release lever both feature a rubber over mold grip which makes using the ratcheting tie downs easy on the hands.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The rubber on the handle is thick and not one of the cheap thin pieces of plastic for looks only. The rubber is thick and is not only comfortable but will take abuse over the years.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The release lever also has some rubber for comfort and grip, but the hole is large enough where you can easily fit two fingers in and release the locks.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The whole ratcheting system is made of metal which provides strength and longevity. The metal is what you would expect on your typical tie downs. The metal isn’t very thick but by no means is it too thin.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The “S” hook also has a rubber sheathing to not only protect the hook but also protects what ever you attach it to such as your trailer of tie downs on your truck.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

The webbing is made from a polyester which means it’s UV and weather resistant. The webbing provides a working load of 766-lbs and a break strength of 2,300-lbs.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review Performance

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

Ratcheting two sides together is easy to do with this tie down. Once you get pressure on both sides, it wasn’t hard to put a couple more ratchets in and get it nice and tight. Never once did it give way and not catch the next cycle.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review

Releasing the system once it’s tight is also easy to do. If you have ever bought cheap ratchet tie downs, you know what it’s like and how hard it can be to release some of these systems. The Husky is extremely easy to release and work with.

Since I have been hauling a ton of stuff to my house, I have used these a lot of the last month. Here is one example where we ran down south about 1.5 hours away to pick up a bunch of wood trim. These ratchets were perfect. We could easily secure the load and didn’t have any hesitation to drive on the tollways.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review Value

You can pick these up at The Home Depot for about $16. For me, this is a great value since they are easy to work with, I love the handles and they unlock very easily. So for $4 a piece, it’s a great value.

Husky Ratchet Tie Down Review Final Thoughts

These tie downs have everything I want in a good ratcheting system. First they are strong, second, they are easy to ratchet and third, they are easy to unlock. Plus let’s face it, they don’t cost a lot. So really what is not to like about these tie downs? They have a variety of other types in this line, so make sure you’re getting this style or the style you want as they all look alike but have different specs. If you are looking for a quality tie down, I would take a look at the Husky tie downs.



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