Husky Pro Tote Review

Husky Pro Tote Review

Staying organized on a job site is crucial to being efficient and making sure you don’t leave tools behind.  There are a vast majority of options on the market. There are open or closed tops and there are soft or hard cases. You can have large or small totes, tote with wheels or bags you carry, the list goes on. So what is your favorite option?  Today we are covering the Husky Pro Tote Review which is an open top for carrying.

Husky Pro Tote Review Overview

Going from job to job makes staying organized a task.  You have to make sure you don’t leave tools behind, you have to make sure that are your tools are easily accessible so when you need them, you’re not digging around.  You also need a bag that lasts but doesn’t cost a ton of money.  Husky has an option to help with these problems.

Husky Pro Tote Review Features

Husky Pro Tote Review

The tote is made from a 1680D polyester fabric. The bag is 19″ wide by 11.5″ deep and 14″ high. The bag is an open bag which means it doesn’t have a zipper. The bottom of the tote has 5 rubber feet to protect the bag and the surface.

The outside of the tote has 9 outside pockets and 18 inside pockets. On the inside, you can store bigger tools such as drills or impacts.

Husky Pro Tote Review

One cool feature is the on the go organizer.  The tote features a removable organizer which can have other tools.  So if you have a smaller tool, you don’t have to lug the bag around to move to a nearby location.  Just remove the organizer and go.

The organizer zips open and has a ton of spots for screwdrivers, testers or other hand tools.

Husky Pro Tote Review

The bag stands up straight and open because the whole bag is stiff.

Husky Pro Tote Review

There are two handles which have a hard rubber handle.

Husky Pro Tote Review

The tote features a reinforced edging which helps with durability.  So when you hit the bag against something, the edging will hold up much better than cloth.

Husky Pro Tote Review

Even on the sides of the bag, you can store tape, tape measurers or other tools you want quick access to.

Husky Pro Tote Review Performance

For me, I like the stiff bag.  I have used soft bags, but the top always closes and you need two hands, one to open the bag and the other to get the tool out.  With the Husky, it stays open and can be accessed very easily.

The organization set up is great and for a tradesman or someone else, you can easily find a good set up that suits you.

Husky Pro Tote Review Value

The bag retails for $60 at The Home Depot.  At first, I was a little sticker shocked.  Husky is always quality but they usually have good prices.  The more I thought about the $60 price tag, the more I am okay with it.

I have seen bags sell for a lot more.  With the build quality of the Husky, it’s much better than some of the competitor’s products and for less. If you take this bag and stick a brand name on the bag, you will pay more.  With the Husky, you get a great bag but for less.

Husky Pro Tote Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, it’s really hard for me to knock this tote.  I like the build quality and like how easy it is to stay organized with this tote.  While a shoulder strap might be nice for some (which it doesn’t come with), it’s something I wouldn’t use and carry on my shoulder. I like the big pockets on the outside and the large open mouth to access tools on the inside.


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