Husky Mobile Office Organizer

Husky Mobile Office Organizer

When it comes to storage solutions, I think Husky is an underrated company.  Over the years we have done a wide variety of tool boxes and mobile storage solutions by Husky.  Both categories, Husky has greatly improved the quality without raising the prices like crazy.  In fact, for tools boxes, they are probably the best bang for your buck over the competition.  When it comes to soft storage, Husky has a wide variety of option to choose from like the Husky Mobile Office Organizer.

Husky Mobile Office Organizer – Information

  • Name – Husky 16 in. Pro Mobile Office Organizer
  • Model – 67134-02
  • Price – $49.97
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot
  • Husky Review – Husky Review

Husky Mobile Office Organizer – Features

The Husky 16″ Pro Mobile Office Organizer is designed to be your main solution for the road.  You can storage folders, small tools and more.  Plus you can use the top of the organizer as a desk and write up quotes or other items.

  • Dimensions – 12.5 in X 16 in X 14.5 in
  • Water-resistant
  • 1680 denier material for toughness
  • Reinforced edging
  • Molded lid with raised edges to prevent items from falling off
  • Zipper top
  • 2 water bottle pockets, 2 covered pockets, 3 open pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 3 pencil slots and external tape clip for easy access.
  • 2 interior pockets and 4 interior padded dividers for holding your laptop, tablet, and paperwork

Husky Mobile Office Organizer – First Impressions

As noted above, I have had a lot of experience with Husky storage and mobile solutions.  I have always been impressed.  They are always high quality and well designed.

So with this one, here are my thoughts.  On the outside, I love the set up where I can easily access a tape measurer, my drinks and a pen, plus a small notebook.  These are the things I would use all the time and love having quick and easy access to them.  I love the lid.  I remember always trying to write on my center console of the truck and it was a pain. I did have a clipboard, which was helpful, but with the edges on the top, things won’t fall off, especially when they are sitting on the truck seat at a decline. The outside has a lot more storage for other items you want to access quickly.

The inside is nice and will help you stay organized with the dividers.  You can store a laptop inside but it wouldn’t be a full-size laptop.  There is enough free room to store your lunch or a couple of tools.  The inside has two small pockets that I am sure you can find something to store there.

So there is a lot to love about this organizer. The quality, the overbuild and layout.  While I do think this is a great mobile solution for the person on the go, I would like to see a couple of things changed for gen 2.

The lid is great, especially with the lip to prevent items from falling off.  What I would like to see is the top lid to be smooth so if I have a single sheet of paper, it’s still easy to write on.  Not a huge deal since you can just put a legal pad down.  The inside is also great and roomy but it would be nice if there was another couple of inches for more open room for bigger items.

Again these two items are just me nitpicking because overall, I love this bag for the person on the go.

Husky Mobile Office Organizer – Wrap Up

I don’t do much on the road anymore but a while back when I worked for a snow plow company, I lived out of my truck. In the summertime, I was out selling and measuring for the next year.  In the winter time, I was doing time cards and so much more.  Back then, this organizer would have been huge.  I remember trying to find a simple solution to help keep me organized and never did find a system.

I think if you are working out of your vehicle, this is a great solution to help keep your files, papers, and other daily items organized.

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  1. I agree with the sentiment that husky is underrated. I had one of their 40 gallon rolling chests for a few years- originally I picked up a couple for materials storage per truck in a fleet, then it was used as a consolidated tool box going underground, and later in residential construction. Cleaned it real well and then it even did a stint as a toy box for a few months, then a bench on my porch for a few more after that, before bringing it back to work for organization in my trailer. I gave it to an apprentice just last month, still in working order. I think that being a house brand, people immediately don’t have high expectations, but there storage stuff especially is very competitive and good quality in my experience.


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