Husky Caulk Tool



Every once in a while we come across a cool little tool that will make a job easier.  Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference.  Well, today we found the Husky 3 in 1 Caulk tool.  As we know caulk can be a messy job and quick frankly removing caulk can be a pain.  Last week we remodeled part of a bathroom.  The owner wanted to keep the existing bathtub, but just clean it up a little.  We went out to the truck grabbed our tools and went to work.  When it came time to spruce up the bathtub, we noticed we left one of our tools in another truck.  Since Home Depot was closer, we ran over there to see what they had in stock and that’s where we came across the Husky 3 in 1 Caulk tool.

The Husky Caulk tool not only removes Caulk, but helps you apply a smooth bead in the areas you need.  On one side of the tool there is a stainless steel caulk remover that can be used to push forward or pull back to remove the old caulk.  Just above that there is a plastic scraper to help remove small caulk amounts that the puller did not get.  On the other side of the tool there is a rubber pad that helps the user spread caulk evenly.  All the user has to do is lay the caulk down and then run the tool over the bead for a nice finish.  The pad can be rotated to get three different finishes.

All in all this is a great tool to have around to make any job easier and for the price its hard to beat.  If your working with Acrylic, Latex or Silicone, this is a must tool to have around.


  1. Gotta love tools with multiple *smart* attachments. Great find i’ll be doing a similar job at my house and this will make things easier

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