Husky 3 Gallon Portable Air Compressor – L13HPD


We have reviewed a lot of compressors over the years, but I think this is our first Husky compressor.  Husky is a brand you can find at your local Home Depot store.  Before using this compressor, the only experience I have with Husky is using some of their hand tools which have always been pretty good.  Husky is a brand geared towards your weekend warrior and not your professional.  Not that we’re saying professionals don’t buy this brand, but it just seems you will find this brand more in the home, than a job site.

This Husky compressor has a 1 Hp induction motor with oil-lube operation, which means you have to keep an eye on the oil level and add as needed.  Husky makes it easy to keep an eye on the oil level by using a small glass site on the side so you can see your level.  The compressor uses a direct-drive pump which has its own pros and cons.  Since it is a direct drive pump, you don’t have to worry about belts.  The tank we have is a steel tank which means while the tank can take more abuse, it is heavier and can rust.  The system has one quick connect port, a PSI gauge and regulator gauge.  Not only do you get the compressor, but Husky threw in a 9 piece starter kit which includes the following items:

  • Blow Gun
  • OSHA safety nozzle
  • blow gun adapter
  • 1/4 in. female quick connect
  • 1/4 in. male plug
  • 1/4 in. female plug
  • inflation needle
  • 6 in. dual tire chuck
  • sealing tape

A couple more plugs would have been a nice to include.  The compressor pulls 9 amps and has a duty cycle of 50%, which isn’t too bad for the price.  The tank is a little heavy weighing 43 lbs, mostly due to the construction of the tank.  However there is a nice carrying handle that makes it easy to move around.  One thing to note is since the compressor uses oil, it might be a little hard to start in cold weather since the oil is colder and thicker.

Okay, now that you know a little about this compressor, let’s get into the grit of the L13HPD.  As you can hear in the video below, the compressor is a little noisy, but not any more noisy than other compressors in it’s price range.  Also as Dan talked about in the video, this unit has some nice welds for the end caps.  We filled this a couple times and the compressor had an average fill time of 1:20 to completely fill an empty tank.  Again that’s not too bad for the price of the unit.  One nice thing about this compressor is there is no break in period.  On some compressors you have to open the drain valve and let the compressor run for ten or fifteen minutes.  With this compressor, you just plug it in and are set to go.  Not that breaking in a compressor is hard, but if you are not aware compressors need to be broken in, then you might just get one and start using it.  The unit sits on four nice wide rubber feet and this does a couple things.  First, it helps stop vibrations that would cause the compressor to be loud on the surface it is sitting on.  The second thing the rubber feet do is protect the surface it sits on.  Not that we are surprised it has rubber feet as almost all compressors have these.  However these seem like they will last awhile.  We have seen some where they use small feet and small screws to hold the feet on.  After time those type of feet tend to break off.  We are pretty confident these will last awhile.  The gauges are really easy to read as they are located on the top of the unit.  This way you don’t have to kneel down to see your pressure.

Looking around the internet the compressor has some pretty good feedback, but does seem to lack a little craftsmanship.  We do see some problems with this system, but again it’s hard to tell how many have been sold and how many have been returned due to actual problems and not user error.  Not a bad compressor for the price.  If you are a homeowner looking for a budget compressor, this is worth a look.





  1. As you point out Home Depot acquired the Husky Brand Name and applies it to various products that they sell. I’m guessing thet they source products to be branded “Husky” to various manufacturers – and I know that some of the Husky pneumatic tools and accessories come from Campbell Hausfeld. A UPC tag starting out 045564 would be a sure clue in this regard

  2. Here’s a question…is this the same as the Craftsman compressor? This looks identical to my Craftsman. If it is, about a month ago I was using my Dewalt 15ga. finish nailer and the compressor stopped working. The oil level was good and I was only putting up some trim. When the machine quit there was a distinct burning smell. Ive had the compressor for two years but I don’t use it often. This has happened twice now. My biggest job was refinishing my shed this summer, and building some flower boxes. I always store it with the valve open to reduce condensation in the tank.

  3. That’s what I’m curious about! I have a compressor that looks almost identical to this tagged Craftsman. I use it for my brad and finish nailers and air for my tires!


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