Hilti Universal Vacuum Cleaner VC 40-UE

Hilti VC 40-UE

As you know job sites have changed over time.  Not too long ago, it was okay to work on a site and not worry about any type of safety.  Well as time has gone on, things have changed.  Now you wear safety glasses, ear protection and a mask.  Speaking of changing times, there are new laws about fine dust collection and protection.  So with that said, Hilti has a new vacuum that will not only meet the new requirements but beat user expectation on the job site.

We all know that Hilti is not a brand to be taken lightly.  These are industrial strength tools that are made for some of the toughest job sites in the world.  Hilti may cost a couple bucks more, but it’s true when they say you get what you pay for.  Not only do you get a superior tool, but you get a company that backs the tools such as their 20-2-1 warranty. What other company gives a 20-year manufacturer warranty and a 2-year warranty on wear and tear?  Exactly, no one.  So right there should tell you how much they believe in these tools for the long run.  So with all that said, let’s talk vacuums.

Hilti VC 40-UE

Now Hilti isn’t the first or the only company to have a vacuum on the market, but the one thing I can tell you is that when they introduce a product, they don’t cut corners. Considering the tools Hilti offers and what environment the tools are designed for, you can be sure this vacuum is equally up to the task.

Now if you have been researching these types of vacs, you might have sticker shock with the Hilti as it is more money than some of the competitors.  But again you have to look at your application.  If you are a woodworker looking to hook up a vac to your saw, while this will work, I don’t think it’s your best bang for your buck.  There are other less expensive vacs on the market that will work for that.  If you are a contractor on a job site looking to stop fine concrete particles and other types of particles on the job site, this is definitely your top choice.  While we haven’t had a head to head, this vacuum offers a very powerful suction that doesn’t mess around.

Hilti designed this with a 16′ power cord and a 16′ hose.  So you have a 32′ reach which means you can do a heck of a lot of traveling before you have to move to a different outlet. Second is the filter cleaning.  First, Hilti starts with a great filter system.  However, they take it one step further by having their automatic filter system thump or clean the filter three times per 15 seconds.  So it cleans more often and more times, which means you can work longer.

Hilti VC 40-UEThe unit has plenty of power.  The suction capacity is 129 ft³ / min, while the water capacity is 6.6 gallons.  Pretty good for such a small vacuum.  The one thing I really like about this unit is the wheels and casters.  In the front, the Hilti vac has very nice metal casters that spin freely, while the back wheels are nice and large making this easy to roll around the site.

While I love this unit, the one thing that is a little disappointing is the plug.  The plug has a twist plug, you do need an adapter to operate this on a standard outlet.  Not a huge deal, but one to note.

Overall this is an awesome vac for the job site.  If you truly want to keep your job site clean, your employees protected, this is the vacuum to have around.  It’s designed to withstand the harshest conditions and designed for the long haul.







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