Hilti SF 2H-A 12V Hammer Drill/Driver

Hilti SF 2H-A

Hilti introduced a new line up to their ever popular name.  They now offer a 12V line of tools.  Currently the tools consist of a Hammer/Drill, Impact Driver and a Screw Fastening Driver.  Hilti is known for a lot of things like quality tools and best in class customer service.  If you are already a Hilti fan or looking to get into a 12v line of tools, you should really consider looking at the new Hilti 12v line up.  If you are interested in the whole kit, check out our overview of the Hilti 12V combo kit.  Otherwise you can keep reading about the Hilti SF 2H-A Hammer Drill/Driver.

As with their other 12v tools, the Hilti SF 2H-A hammer drill is lightweight and is pretty short.  The tool only weighs 2.2 lbs, not bad considering what this tool is capable of.  In regards to overall size, it is pretty short with a length of 6.88″.  The tool has a two speed selector with 15 different clutch settings.  The tool uses a variable trigger that produces 0-400/01,500 rpms.  While I didn’t find much I didn’t like about this tool, I did find a whole bunch of reasons to love this drill.

First, I love the fact Hilti designed the tool with a separate ring that allows the user to select what mode they want.  You can keep your clutch settings the same and you can select a different mode with another ring.  You can select screw, drill or hammering mode.  In regards to the overall balance of the tool, it’s not too bad.  I love the grip on these 12v tools as they just feel comfortable in your hands.  On the handle there is a rubber grip on the front and back of the tool which assist in the grip of the tool.  The tool comes with a belt clip that can be mounted on either the right or left side of the tool. Another item I like about this tool is the LED lights.  The Hilti SF 2H-A has a double LED light located on the base of the tool.  So they placed one on the left and one on the right.  The position of the LED lights does a great job at keeping shadows to a minimum.  In regards to the battery, Hilti uses a 2.6 Ah slide on battery.  One cool feature is the battery status gauge is actually on the battery and not on the tool.

Hilti SF 2H-A

  • 3/8″ chuck
  • Weight – 2.2 lbs
  • Length – 6.88″
  • Max Torque – 212 in-lbs
  • 0-400 no Load RPM
  • 0-1,500 no load RPM
  • Chuck clamping range 1/16 – 3/8 in
  • Working Modes – Hammer Drilling, Clutch Mode, Drilling Only
  • Clutch Settings – 15

All in all, Hilti designed a great Hammer Drill/Driver.  One thing you have to remember is that these are 12V.  While they are meant to be a workhorse, they are not meant to keep up with your 18V tools.  These are designed for a different user and different applications.  A 12v tool should be lightweight and compact, both of which Hilti accomplished.  If you are interested in the whole kit, you can buy this whole Hilti 12V kit $299, which is a steal.


  1. You would think they would have a metal chuck but maybe that was how to keep costs down. If your in their 18v platform they have a 12v insert for their chargers too! #TIACREW


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