Hilti SD 4500-A18 and SD-M1


Hilti knows tools, jobsites and efficiency, what else is there to say about Hilti.  When you think of Hilti, you think quality.  They make great tools that last, make you more productive and make your life easier.  Sure they are on the pricey side, but if you want quality, you have to be willing to pay.  I have yet to find a Hilti tool I don’t like and the Hilti SD 4500-A18 isn’t any different.  This 18V drywall screwdriver is top notch and made to perform.  The no-load speed has a range from 0 – 4500 with a max torque of 4.8 ft-lbs.  So basically there isn’t any drywall job this tool can’t tackle.  Now add on the SD-M1 and you will be ready to rock and be an efficient hanging drywall man.  I could sit here and talk your ear off, but this is just one of those tools you have to have in your hands to really appreciate how well built it is and how much time this can save you.  The balance and power are awesome.

And I thought I drank a lot of caffeine.




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