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Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review

I understand there are a lot of power tool manufacturers that offer lasers, but for me, when it comes to lasers, I only have two manufacturers that I put on top shelf, Bosch and Hilti.  I have had a ton of experience with Bosch over the years and have used all most all the different lasers they offer.  When it comes to Hilti, this is the second laser we have tested, but have used a bunch of the years.  Before I jump into the Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review, they didn’t pay us for this review.  This is just one of the products I am excited about and pretty much love everything about this laser.

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review Overview

Our world depends on things being level.  Our buildings, floors and more have to be level and straight.  If not, we run into issues.  The most important aspect is being able to layout and set up the job before you start.  If you fail to set up these simple projects at the beginning, you will end up causing walls etc to be out of level down the road.

So when it comes to levels, spend a couple extra dollars and get the laser you know that will last, be easy to use and accurate, which I think this Hilti fits all three categories.

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review Features

The Hilti PM 40-MG laser is an all in one, a multi-line laser that has 4 vertical lines and a single 360° horizontal line and a bottom plumbing point.  Since this is designed for job site conditions, Hilti designed this with an IP 54 rating which means dust and light splashing will not affect this laser.

Hilti designed this with an accuracy of ±0.08 in at 33 ft and an operating distance of 66′.  If you use this in conjunction with a receiver you can extend the range to 164′.

All this give the lasers plenty of uses such as setting drywall tracks on floors, walls, and ceiling.  Also great for aligning pipes, suspended ceiling alignment, cable trays and more.  We used it to replace a support beam in a basement.

The laser is powered by a Hilti 12V battery which means if you own two batteries, you runtime is unlimited.

The laser has four vertical lines and a single 360° horizontal line.

To power up or power down the unit, there is a knob on the side of the laser.  This allows you to either put the laser in lock or self-leveling mode.  If you use the unit in the lock position, the beam will flash occasionally to let you know the laser is lock and not self-leveling.  As for self-leveling, if you’re out of level, it will also flash.

You can either use the laser in a vertical mode, horizontal mode or both.

To change between verical and horizontal mode, they is a push button located just above the battery.

I usually don’t get excited over the stand, but this is one of the best laser stands I have seen.  As you can see it’s a tripod, but what this will also let you do is adjust the feet up and down.  Any of the feet you can screw up or down to allow you to have more control over the line and adjustments.

There is even a single level bubble so you know if the laser is sitting flat. and level.

Also on the stand is the ability to use this with a tripod, either a 1/4 in or 5/8 in.

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review Performance

We replaced a support beam in a house that was built in 1924.  The old support beam was 6 – 2 x 8 smashed together.  Over the years the wood warped and caused sagging in the house.  We took measurements before we removed the beam.

After we installed the beam, we used the laser again to check out marks and measurements.

The green beam was extremely easy to see and even in the areas where we had a brighter light, we could still see the green beam.  The laser is bright and we found it easy to use, as you would expect with a laser.  One thing that really set this apart from other laser was the stand as it allowed us to easily fine tune and adjust the beam where we needed it.

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review Value

You can expect to pay about $700 for this laser.  If you want all the bells and whistles which means a battery, charger, targets and more, you can expect to pay about $950.

I have to admit when I first saw this at the Hilti event, I thought $700 was a hefty price tag.  Now that I had a chance to use it, I think it’s worth every penny.  Yes, you can buy lasers for less but you know what you are getting with a Hilti laser.  Not only do you get one of the highest rated tools, but you get the backing of the Hilti service.

I realize this price tag isn’t for everyone, but people who are serious about their work and also need the pulse feature to cut down on manpower, this is a good value as it has all the options you need for an indoor laser.

Hilti PM 40-MG Laser Review Final Thoughts

The Hilti PM 40-MG is hands down one of the best indoor lasers in the market.  The bright green line is easy to see and I love the 360-degree viewing.  The mount makes it easy to set up and use in any type of environment.  The 12V Hilti battery gives this an unlimited runtime as you can swap out batteries.  I also love the pulse mode because that means you can get work done by yourself and not have to rely on another person during layout operations.

When Hilti designed this laser, they thought of everything you would want from your laser and designed it into the unit to make this a top pick.

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