Hilti GX 120-ME Gas Actuated System




Hilti introduced their new GX 120 ME Gas Actuated fastener.  Hilti’s new nail gun seems to be pretty cool, but we haven’t gotten our hands on one yet.  In case your interested, we found a pretty cool link on how nail guns  work in general.  As you can see by the design, it looks like Hilti implemented a great ergonomically design which will allow the user to get into tight spots.

According to Hilti this new actuated system eliminates the need for certain types of drilling a user might have to perform on other types of actuated systems.  As with some other fastening systems that rely on gas and battery to delivery a system, the Hilti GX 120-ME is completely gas driven.  The nose piece is key less, adjustable and removable which is a very nice feature.

According to Hilti, this system lets a user drive 750 fasteners with a single fuel can.  They don’t specify into what type of material.  It looks like Hilti included a fuel gauge monitor system on the tool to let the user know when they are running low.

Has anyone used one of the fastening systems on the job-site?  If so we would like to hear your thoughts.


  1. I have one of these GX120’s.

    We use it to fasten plastic boxes and tracking for data/telecomm wiring.

    It is fantastic. Fully automatic, adjustable depth drive, 40-nail magazine.

    It will drive into all types of soft/hard concretes and brick, as well as shorter nails into steel. Nice narrow nosepiece to fit inside hard to reach areas. Large gun but very ergonomic and not too heavy. Worth it.

  2. High maintenance nightmare! Great tool when it works, problem is it seldom works as advertised. You will never get 750 shots per can as they say. When it’s cold you’ll be lucky to get half that, so be prepared to buy lots of extra overpriced gas canisters. Gun jams up frequently and for every hour of use there is an hour of maintenance. Pins are expensive and initial cost of gun will never yield a return. I won’t be getting another and wouldn’t recommend one to anybody.

  3. Have owned a gx120 for about 6 years. I get a high amount of usage out of it about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week shooting steel into concrete and steel. I’ve only had it jam up once the whole time which is much better than my work colleagues whose Ramset track fast gun plays up every day. I get roughly 1000 pins out of one gas can. I think the secret is to shoot straight and keep it clean by following general maintenance instructions. Well worth the investment I believe.

  4. I too have owned 2 gx 120 units since they first came out and replaced the gx 100’s. I have had no problems with either unit and get about 1000 pins per gas can. I know they have each shot well over 10,000 pins as thats how i acquired them through a special buy 10,000 pins get a free gun from HIlti. fast, easy to use, lightweight and even quieter than you would expect. as with any tool just do the easy maintenance and fly through shooting down track to concrete or nailer slats to block walls!

  5. I just bought a used hilti gx 100 gun (just started my business can’t afford a brand new model)unfortunately,the fire button will not freely go down (like when you are ready to shoot) doesn’t work? What could be the issue? Also what model gas cartridge do I buy for this particular gun..GC 22? Will it fit? Thank you in advance for any info you might have that will help me!


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