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Hilti Drill

A while back we showed the preview of three new drills from Hilti.  While the preview of the drill did show them off and give you a taste of the drills, it was more about the company behind the drills.  As a recap just in case you missed that awesome article, the two things I covered was their warranty and their fleet program.  While I won’t get into full depth like the other article, it is important to understand these two issues before you know about their drills.  First is the warranty.  Hilti offers a 20-2-1 warranty.  They offer a 20-year manufacturer warranty from defects, one of the best in the business.  They also offer a 2-year wear and tear warranty, something that no one else offers.  So with that said, you know they believe in their tools and you know they have to make some awesome tools if they are willing to back it up.  Second is the fleet program which is all most like leasing tools. You can add or remove tools from a job site with the needs of the job site.  There is a ton more to this which you can read at Hilti, but the point is, Hilti is a company that is there for the contractor.

OK with all that said, let talk about why we are really here.  Three new awesome drills from Hilti.  When it comes down to it, Hilti offers a drill for whatever your use will be. They have their big bad boy, the Hilti SF 10W-A22.  This is their most powerful and a real workhorse.  Nest in the lineup is the SF 6H-A22.  Now, this may look small in size, but not in power.  This still packs a powerful punch and will be ideal for most of your day to day operations on the job site.  Last, but not least is the Hilti SFC 22-A.  Lighter weight and designed for most applications, this is going to impress you, so let’s jump in and find out a little more of each drill.

Hilti Drill – SF 10W-A22

Hilti SF 10W-A22

The Hilti SF 10W-A22 is their most powerful drill.  The drill is powered by either their 18V battery or their new 22V battery.  While this isn’t a hammer drill, it features a powerful punch.  There is a drill mode or the user can adjust the torque settings between 1 and 15.  Here is what’s cool about this drill, it has four-speed settings.  So between the 15 torque settings and the four-speed settings, you can really match this to any type of work.

In regards to power, this produces 1,062 in-lbs of torque, yes you are reading that right.  While this drill has ATC (active torque control), make sure you are using the side handle with this.  This is ideal for using hole saws up to 6″, spade bits up to 1-1/2″ in wood and auger bits up to 2″ in wood.

The drill weighs about 6 lbs which makes it on the heavy side, but considering the power and that this drill is designed for, this is a beast and will most likely out work you.  I love the design of the four-speed switch and love the fact that it’s very easy to adjust the tool to match your work.  When you are doing tough applications, you need a tough tool.  For me, this is a beast in the drill world and an awesome drill.


Hilti Drill – SF 6H-A22

Hilti SF 6H-A22

The SF 6H-A22 is their middle of the line drill, well in regards to power.  Now, this is my favorite of the 3 drills.  While I love the power of the 10W, the 6H has plenty of power but also has a hammer mode.  While the 10W has four speed, the 6H has two speeds with 15 torque settings, plus a drill and hammer mode.  I think this will probably be the drill that most people will buy as it has 708 in-lbs of torque, plus 28,800 bpm.

For me, I love the feel, power, and balance of this tool.  My favorite aspect of this drill is the ATC or Active Torque Control.  If this drill binds up, you all know what happens, your wrist and arm take a brutal beating and twisting.  With the ATC, that won’t happen.  For me, the size to power ratio is awesome.  As with all other Hilti drills, you can power this with their 18V battery or their 22V battery.

If you want a tough hammer drill that is made to last, this would be your top choice.  The power is great, the performance is incredible and since it’s Hilti, you know it will last under any conditions.


Hilti Drill – SFC 22-A

Hilti SFC 22-A

OK, I get it.  You don’t need a ton of power and you don’t need the hammer drill.  Your application is mainly drilling.   Don;t worry, Hilti didn’t forget about you.  Hilti offers the SFC 22-A which is made for drilling and everyday use.  This has 487 in-lbs of torque so no worries on whether this will get your daily task done.  You can use this will hole saws, spade bits, drill bit, augers and more.  Besides having the lowest price point, it also has the lowest weight.

Now don’t let the fact the chuck is plastic fool you because it’s not.  The outside is a hard plastic, but the jaws are still all metal so your bits will stay locked into place no matter what you do.  If I didn’t need a hammer drill, I would go with the SFC 22-A as it packs a powerful punch.

If you are looking for a tough drill, Hilti has a drill for you.  With their great warranty and their fleet program, they are hard to beat.  Talk to anyone who has every used Hilti and I am sure they will tell you stories of some of their old tools and how they have withstood the test of time and the rough job sites.


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