Hilti AG 500 A22 & AG 600 A36 Grinder

Hilti Cordless Grinder

Go to any job site and you will see people using angle grinders like crazy.  Grinders are used for cutting rebar, grinding concrete for thresholds and more.  The list goes on.  Well if you are in the business and use grinders and you need something tough, you will be happy to know that Hilti has two cordless options for you.  They have the AG 500-A22 which is their 22V grinder and they have their AG 600A36 which is their 36V grinder.  Before I jump into them, you will be happy to know they switched the arbor size back to the standard or common size of 5/8″.

Hilti 22V Grinder – AG 500-A22

The AG 500 is designed to be used with discs up to 5″.  The grinder has a ton of speed coming in at 9,500 rpm’s making this great for cutting applications.  The grinder uses a deadman’s paddle switch which I believe a lot of job sites are requiring this just in case something happens to the user while they are using a grinder.

The grinder is built with a brushless motor which will give this longevity, plus making it more efficient.  Having a more efficient motor means longer run-time and more work done per charge.  The tool also has an electronic break and will stop the disc within a second. One thing I really like about this grinder is the blade guard.  Most of the time you have two different blade guards.  With this, it’s one guard and you can snap the cover in place.

This grinder will be great for applications such as cutting or grinding cast, steel or stainless steel pipes.  Installing channels for threaded rod and notching steel.


Hilti 36V Grinder – AG 600-A36

Hilti Cordless Grinder

The AG 600 is pretty much the same as the AG 500 with some key differences.  First, and the most obvious is that the AG 600 uses a 36V battery to power the grinder.   The RPM is a little slower at 8,500 which means this probably has more torque since it can take a large disc, up to 6″.   As with the AG 500, this has active torque control to protect the user, plus a Deadman paddle switch.

I am not sure how to explain this, but this grinder is great.  I love the feel, the balance and this grinder is made for the job site.  The guard is identical to the AG 500 which I like the design and set up as it’s easy to change between the two.  One thing I forgot to mention about the AG 500 is that both models offer a tool-free blade guard rotation.  If you need to change the angle of the blade guard, just push a button and you can adjust the angle. Easy and simple, just the way I like it.

I am happy to see that Hilti changed the arbor size and went with the common size.  If you own the Hilti line, this is a great addition to your line up of tools.  These grinders are tough and made to last.  With a warranty of 20-2-1, you know Hilti has your back.  What other company has a 20-year warranty on defective parts and a two-year warranty on wear and tear?


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