Gyros Mini Files and Rotary Cutting Bits


Being that I love gadgets and remote control things I am always tinkering with them.  One tool that has made my life easier is the file, it has allowed me to remove material precisely and easily.  I want a quality tool that leaves a quality job, I came across the Gyros 6 pc Needle File Set 5-1/2″ – #49-01406 .  The Gyros Needle files are a great set of files, they have rubber coated grips that feel comfortable in your hands. For under $10 they are a no brainer.  Even Eric used them to shave down his plastic case on his iPhone so that he could easily plug headphones in.


This set includes the following shapes:

  • 1/2 Round
  • Round
  • Square
  • Equaling
  • Flat
  • Knife
Gyros sent also sent us the high speed steel cutter set with 1/8″ shanks that fit most rotary tools.  They are great for carving out intricate shapes in wood.  They come in a plastic display case and carve through the wood with ease.  I wish I had a steady hand because I could make some great things with these.  Gyros Tools have been in the miniature precision tool industry since 1921 and have a lot of miniature tools to choose from.  Check them out



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