Guidesman Folding Knife Set Review


The other day my wife went to visit her two sisters, which meant I got to have a father son day with my two boys.  So being the great dad I am, I wanted to let them experience the finer things in life.  So we took a trip to Menards.  If you are not familiar with Menards, it’s probably because you don’t live in the upper Midwest part of the country.  To me, Menards is the Walmart for the home centers.  Well except the stores are newer, cleaner and there are always plenty of people around to help.  Out of the three stores around us (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards), I prefer Menards.  They have the best prices, easily the best assortment of wood, organized and the stores are very clean.  One thing you have to understand about Menards is they always have great deals on a variety of different items. Okay, enough about the stores, let’s talk about what you came here for, the Guidesman Folding Knife Set.

Speaking of good deals, I was walking around with my kids and came across this Guidesman 2 piece folding knife set for $3.49.  Come on, who can pass that up?  I am not into buying junk, but the thing I learned at Menards is while they have some no name products at very low prices, they tend to be good quality items.  Now I am not saying you are going to skin a deer with this knife or use the Utility knife for the rest of your life without breaking, but for $3.49, it’s a steal.

2 1/2″ Folding Knife

While the handle of the knife could be a little longer, it’s not too bad.  It has Titanium plated stainless steel with a combo edge drop point.  The knife is lightweight, which has it’s pros and cons as weight goes.  I tend to like knives that are on the heavier side.  To open the knife, just press your thumb against the thumb bar and you can easily open it with one hand.  As with traditional knives, this knife is locked with a liner lock which feels secure. On the backside of the knife, it also has a belt clip, which is removable for the those who don’t want it.

Folding Utility Knife

The folding knife is pretty interesting.  It reminds me of a cheap knock off of the Milwaukee Fastback knife.  While they are still night and day from each other, it does pose some of the same features such as a push button open.  While the Milwaukee you can use one hand, this doesn’t swing as nice and  it requires two hands to open.  As with the Milwaukee, this pretty much has the same easy access of changing blades.  Now I am not trying to compare the two because they really don’t compare, just trying to give you an idea of how it works.  As with the knife, this utility knife has a removable belt clip also.  The handle is a little small for those with bigger hands, but still easy to work with.

Beside the $3.79 price tag, I liked that this was camo.  I am one of those weirdos where you put camo on it and it’s sold.  All in all if you are around a Menards, I would recommend picking one of these up.  Again, don’t expect Milwaukee or Buck quality, but for $3.79 how can you beat it?  Plus it has a Limited Lifetime Warranty



  1. Lowes is the same all over too expensive, same here in Northern California. Home Depot is good
    I get most of my tools etc at a place called Orchard Supply Hardware – OSH. They were recently
    bought out by Lowes BUT our store in Woodland, Ca. is going to remain a OSH. Good alternative
    to Home Depot for the smaller items needed. They don’t have the large assortment of items that
    Home Depot has but they do ok. We have a Tractor Supply store that is ok too. Any thing
    accept Lowes their prices are way to high for my budget or liking. Eric I don’t have any friends
    either I must tick off a lot of people without knowing it. Either that or I smell funny, I know I look funny. You guys have been friends A LONG TIME, so you must be doing something right.

  2. Love Blades! I love looking at lower end stuff as well, but I usually don’t buy them. I rather spend it on knives that I can sharpen rather easily and I hate not knowing the steel on any knife. If I don’t know the steel I won’t buy and most these knives do not include that info. Harold Wray mentions you don’t get upset when you lose them or someone takes them, because you can’t beat the price. I agree with that too, very good point. My beater knives are usually knife brands that had a reputation and you can find deals everyday on that internet thing. I got a Buck orange folder hunter for $10 bucks (usually $50). How can you go wrong with that?

    Eric what brand do you prefer? A good inexpensive brand, but excellent quality are Schrade Knives, big selection from folders to fixed blades. I also have Benchmade’s, Zero Tolerance, Kershaw’s, ESEE’s, sorry got excited. More knife reviews & hand guns (which I can babble on that as well), please. Got to go wife is coming & don’t want her to know that I’m talking about tools & knives. She will take my debit card away.

    Laters TIA

  3. If your wife sisters are like Patty and Selma (from the Simpson) maybe thats why you got a knife lol! Crazy price it would be like 10$ and more over her

  4. I have three daughters and they all have pocket knives. Having a knife is not exclusive to what genitalia one has. I am a wood carver, and a woman. Your “boys” would also benefit from learning to cook and sew, skills that are also very helpful and not gender exclusive. Evolve already Eric.

    • OK, thanks for the feedback. Not sure what article you are reading but I don’t remember every saying knives are only for men. I know a lot of women who have pocket knives so not sure where that is coming from. I also don’t think I said I never taught them about cooking. In fact we do a lot of grilling together. I read through the article and don’t remember seeing anything about cooking or me talking about food. I agree that you should open your children to a variety of experience, but again I don’t remember saying that you shouldn’t.

      I also don’t remember talking about gender exclusive ideas. I do know that I said I spend some father son time together, but that is what i did. I am a father and spent time with my two boys who are males.


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