Groggles – Noise Reduction Earmuffs & Eye Protection

Groggle noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses in yellow

When it comes to construction, your eyes and ears are constantly at-risk of injury. Damage can occur at any moment as well as over time. So, eye and ear protection is essential. Groggles are a new 2-in-1 noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses product for trade professionals and diy’ers.

Today we’re checking out this new product and highlighting some features.

Groggle Review Guide

What are Groggles?

As we mentioned, Groggles provide 2-in-1 ear and eye protection for trade professionals and diy’ers. They are most useful when using loud equipment or any type of cutting or drilling that produces debris, such as in construction, woodworking, and masonry. Groggles would also be perfect for landscapers and on the shooting range.

The Groggles are designed like most noise reducing ear protection: two noise reducing earmuffs connected by a headband. However, clear construction safety glasses are mounted onto the base of the headband. The glasses are mounted onto a knob so the glasses can easily flip-down to provide eye protection, or flip-up and under the glasses’ protective plastic shield.

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Benefits of Groggles

I already mentioned that Groggles are 2-in-1 safety equipment. I like this for a few reasons…

  1. You no longer have to look for both your noise-reduction earmuffs AND your safety glasses.
  2. Groggles are big and bright. This makes them harder to lose and easier to find.
  3. Groggles are only $35 on Amazon. For the forgetful professional, this is cheap enough to buy enough to keep one in the work vehicle, the workshop, and anywhere else you need it.
  4. My favorite benefit; you can change from having your safety glasses on or off with one hand. Most traditional safety glasses require you to remove your earmuffs, put on your glasses, then put your earmuffs back on, over and over. But NOT with Groggles.

Groggle Noise Reduction Earmuffs

Since Groggles are two products in one, I think it’s important to look at the earmuffs and glasses separately. Looking at the earmuffs first I want to note the…

  • Padded earmuffs for all-day comfort.
  • Easily adjustable wire-sliding sizers.
  • Two-inch wide headband with faux leather padding for more all-day comfort and stability.
  • A 26 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).
  • Meets EPA hearing protection requirement with Ansi S3.19-1974 rating.

Overall, Groggle noise reduction earmuffs are designed for all-day wear and meet industry standards for hearing protection.

Benefits of Noise Reduction Earmuffs

Noise-induced hearing loss, or a constant ringing or buzzing in the ear known as tinnitus, are common conditions trade professionals are at-risk for. This is due to the regular exposure to loud sounds.

Again, the ears can be damaged from a single loud sound or accrued through regular exposure over time. The damage can be irreversible. Personally, I know someone who left their profession to prevent the damage from worsening.

It’s easier to prevent hearing damage than it is to fix. So, it’s best to invest in hearing protection early on to preserve your hearing in the long run.

Groggle Construction Safety Glasses

Let’s take our focus to the glasses. As mentioned, the glasses flip up or down via a knob at the base of the headband. Flipped down they are ready for use. Flipped up they rest under a three-inch wide protective shield.

The construction of the glasses themselves are very sturdy. The bottom edge of the glasses angle in towards the face to prevent debris from getting in from under the glasses.

Groggle noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses: double glasses test

I also tested these over my glasses. I just had to adjust the headband more forward on my head and I was able to wear both my sunglasses and the Groggle at the same time. As long as your glasses fit within the Groggle frame, you should be able to wear both simultaneously as well.

Notes on Groggle Construction Safety Glasses…

  • Made from a polycarbonate lens.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coating.
  • High-impact damage-resistant Ansi Z87.1 rating.

So, as far as quality is concerned, Groggle Construction Safety Glasses meet all the industry standards.

Benefits of Construction Safety Glasses

Eye injuries are among the most common construction injuries. In fact, in 2020 trade professionals reported 2,120 eye injuries (and that’s only the reported injuries).

On top of that, eye injuries can happen in a flash. Injuries can range anywhere from minor annoyance like drywall dust, to serious damage from wood, metal, rock, or other material being projected into the eye.

Groggle Comfort

The plastic cover above the headband and the shield are all one piece. They actually make the headband very sturdy. So much it seems at first the Groggle’s noise reduction earmuffs were going to be a tight fit and difficult to wear without a lot of flex.

To my surprise the Groggles went on easily and were easy to adjust. I’d say the fit was snug, but still comfortable. In fact, the snug fit works really well with the adjusters. At first I thought they slid too easily and I’d have to constantly readjust them. But the fit keeps the Groggles the perfect size throughout wearing.

Where to Buy Groggles & Value

Groggle noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses buy now on amazon

You can buy Groggles on Amazon for $35. They are currently available in two colors, orange or yellow.

Groggles are hard to compare to other brands since they are two products in one. I did find another earmuff and safety glass option on Amazon designed for arborists for $79.99. At that price, you could buy two pairs of Groggles and still have some change.

After that, I looked at buying safety glasses and noise-reduction earmuffs separately. While safety glasses are a dime a dozen, noise-reduction earmuffs are not. The average price of noise reduction earmuffs ranges from $16 to $60. The fact that Groggles are two products that meet all the requirements for hearing and vision safety makes them a bargain.

Final Thoughts on Groggles

Personally, I don’t think you should skimp on eye and ear protection, and Groggles are hardly a splurge for $35. Especially, since noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses can prevent money spent at the ER and keep you healthy enough to work in your field for many years to come.

So, what do you think of construction safety equipment?

Eric thinks it makes you a nerd. Convince him otherwise in the comments with your construction horror stories.


  1. Do not like to admit but I was to lazy to go find my safety glasses while trimming branches. I hit a pine cone, got me in the eye, my vision was blurred, closed my eye for 5 minutes and got lucky, no vision loss. Never risk injury when you have the Groggle combination eye and ear protection. Stay safe


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