Greenworks Snow Blower

Greenworks Snow Blower

As a consumer, you have a lot of choices when it comes to snow blowers. Gas is great if you’re always getting large snowfalls over 9″ or have a lot of property to clear off.  However, if you have the average lot and aren’t in the artic getting 9″ snowfalls every day, battery-powered might be the way to go.  No messing with gas, spark plus or chokes.  Just push a button and go.  Which brings me to the Greenworks Snow Blower.

Greenworks Snow Blower – Information

Greenworks is a company who makes both homeowners and products for landscape professionals.  Today we are covering one of their DIY homeowner models, the SN60L410. Designed to throw snow far, easy to work with and at a good price point.  So let’s see how they did to hold up to these three goals.

Greenworks Snow Blower – Features

Greenworks Snow Blower

The SN60L410 is designed around a brushless motor to clear a 20″ path with ease.  The snow blower has a 10″ clearing depth and can throw snow up to 20″ away.

Greenworks Snow Blower

The machine is powered by a single Greenworks 60V 4Ah battery. While time will vary on snowfall and how heavy the snow is, but you will get around 45 minutes of runtime per charge.

Greenworks Snow Blower

The auger uses a hard plastic paddle to create the power to throw snow far.

Greenworks Snow Blower

On the back of the machine, there are two 7″ hard plastic tires.

Greenworks Snow Blower

The chute can be adjusted up or down with a single push of a button.

Greenworks Snow Blower

The chute can rotate left or right 180 degrees which can be controlled from the back of the machine.

No more pulling cord or dealing with gas.  Just pull the lever in and hold it.  Then push a button and you are ready to go.

Greenworks Snow Blower

On the side of the handle, you can loosen the nut to collapse the handle for summer storage.

Greenworks Snow Blower

On the top of the machine, there is a handle which will assist when trying to lift it in the truck or table

Greenworks Snow Blower – Impressions

The snow blower runs about $350 at Lowes, which comes with a battery and a charger.  The one thing you have to understand is that some cordless blowers are not the best with a small snowfall that is really wet.  When I talk about performance, I am talking about your average 2-8″ snowfall that is light or heavy.

For the average snowfall, the snow blower does a great job.  It throws snow far and leaves the concrete clean. I know a couple of you who follow us on Instagram were impressed when we did a story and you saw how clean the walks were.

The wheels do a good job and the scraper leaves it smooth.  Changing the chute direction is easy and even the up and down direction.

If I had to complain about one thing, it would be the handle for the chute turning left and right.  Sometimes mine came apart.  It didn’t affect anything except the looks of the snow blower.  It snaps back in place and can still use it.

Greenworks Snow Blower – Wrap Up

Overall, I love this snow blower.  Priced well below the other machines on the market.  It cleans the payment great, throws snow far and has good run time.  Not sure what else you can ask for in a snow blower?


  1. My 3 year-old 80v Greenworks works on any snowfall I can push it through, even the slush that forces everyone else in the neighborhood to use shovels. I haven’t needed my 2-stage self propelled blower yet this winter in Wisconsin. Several times this winter I have started clearing snow at 4am and quietly get the sidewalks and driveways on my side of the street cleared off before the neighbors across the street start slowly walking behind their noisy, self-propelled blowers.

    My biggest problem is the skid shoes wore out quickly. The skids in the picture on top look the same but hopefully they are improved somehow. I designed and printed some out using nylon and they seem to be holding up.


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