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As you know we have been getting more into knives, mainly because they are cool, but also because you have been wanting more.  As you know we are not knife experts. However we love them, we are learning about them and well I guess that is pretty much about it.  For this review we get the pleasure of going over three cool knives by Gerber.  We are going over a tactical knife, Fillet knife and box knife.  So let’s start out with the tactical Paraframe 2 Tanto knife.

Paraframe 2 Tanto

This is a tactical knife I really like and enjoy using.  The balance of this knife is very nice.  Opening the blade is easy for a lefty or righty since it is equipped with thumb studs.  Once the blade is in the open position, my hand fits very nice around the handle.  Closing the knife is just as easy, easy enough to do it with one hand, which is key.  Gerber did a nice job making this knife look great and it goes beyond the Tanto blade.  The handle has a nice stealth finish.  While you can’t move the clip to any other part of the handle, it doesn’t get in the way.  At least for me when I am using my right hand.

In regards to the blade, it is nice and fat at the top and comes quickly down to a fine point at the tip of the blade.  One thing I did notice with this blade is when it is fully extended and in the lock position, mine tends to have some up and down movement, plus side to side. Not a lot, but more than I would like.

As an EDC, this is a great knife.  You can even see the people on Amazon rave about it.  Is it the best Tactical knife I have seen?  No, but for the price, how can you go wrong?  I wouldn’t bring this on a trip where I knew I would be beating on my knife, but I would use it as an everyday carrying knife.  Overall I really can’t complain about the knife and what you really get for the price.

  • Overall Length: 8.13″ (20.65 cm)
  • Blade Length: 3.50″ (8.89 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4.75″ (12.06 cm)
  • Weight: 4.30 oz. (122 g)
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17MoV
  • Handle Material: 3Cr13

buyamazon1GERBER Paraframe II Tanto Knife



Gerber Gator Fillet

This is by far my favorite type of knife and my most used knife.  I have two sitting on top of my fridge ready for use all the time.  Now with the Gerber, I have one more.  I have to say out of the three I have, this Gerber is by far my favorite.  First, it fits very nice in my hand.  The handle feels nice, well balanced and just feels like my hand will stay in place.

This Fillet knife uses a stainless steel blade and the handle is Gerber’s patented Gator grip. As for the sheath, well it’s good and bad.  For some reason mine does not feel like it sits nicely in the sheath and can fall out really easy.  My other two knives, well they almost lock into the sheath.  Not a big deal for me because again it sits on top of my fridge for most of the year, expect when I take my once a year fishing trip.  One cool idea Gerber came up with is a knife sharpener on the end of the sheath.  This is a cool idea.  Again, when I am at home I really don’t care, but my last fishing trip we lost our sharpener and it did suck towards the last couple of days.  With the sharpener being on the end of the sheath, well that will be a little harder to lose.

All in all a great fillet knife.  The best on the market?  I am really not sure since I have only used my other two over the year.  I will say it is my favorite so far.  Some people on Amazon complained about it not being sharp out of the box.  Mine was, so I can’t speak about that.  However they aren’t hard to sharpen.  To me that is like complaining about not having air in your bicycle tires when you buy them.  It’s not that hard to put air in.  I understand where they are coming from, but if that is the biggest complaint.

  • Overall Length: 12.2″
  • Blade Length: 7.5″
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material Glass-filled nylon with Gator Grip overmold
  • Sheath Material: Molded Plastic
  • Tactile texture on handle
  • Full tang fillet blade
  • Hard-molded sheath with built-in sharpener

buyamazon1Gerber Gator Fillet Knife




E.A.B. Lite

This is just a bad a** little knife.  A very handy knife for the pencil pusher, which I was for a couple of years.  I had one of these and it was awesome to carry around.  I was always getting shipments in and it was easy to carry, open and use.  Even for the non pencil pushers this is a great knife to have around.  Now don’t get me wrong, it won’t replace your utility knife because you do need a tool to change the blade, so if you’re ripping through blades, it can take a while.  Now if you are someone who has cash, you can even use this as a money clip which I think is pretty cool.  Some people aren’t the type who like to carry a knife around, but still find themselves needing a knife on occasion.  Well here is your answer, the E.A.B. knife.

This is just one of the cool little knives to have around.  It makes a great gift or if you are like me, it’s just cool to have.

  • Open Length: 5.10″
  • Blade Length: 1.5″
  • Closed Length: 2.85″
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Contractor-grade replaceable utility blade
  • Deep finger grooves for secure fit
  • Handle also doubles as pocket or money clip

buyamazon1Gerber E.A.B. Lite Pocket Knife





  1. Aggg! Gerber. They have cool designs, but I can’t get into the brand. Don’t know why, maybe to many bad reviews. I do have the Bear Gryls survior knife (please don’t buy) & the LMF (I think that is what its called, I wish they name their knives) military which I do like & it comes with a great sheath. If you want filet knives check out Buck Knives, very affordable.

    EDC check out Kershaws, or Ka-Bar, some flipers are very affordable. There are many more expensive options, which you can’t beat quality, but shelling out a few hundred many not be an option for many.

    I do like the EAB. I picked one up at Menards a few months ago for under $5 bucks. It is very cool & you don’t even know you have it. Sorry, 1 out of 3 is not bad. I also like knives a lot & have a few more than I care to admit. As you guys grow into your collection you will love them even more.

    Eric, sorry I can’t never post a few words, but I do like to share a bit more & try to give options so you can check out other brands that are in the same category. Hope you keep collecting, because I do see you really them. I just might send you one. Keep on going guys. Laters TIA

  2. I have an E.A.B. on my belt right now. It’s held up well with daily use for over 2 years. No wera or slop in the hinge. The only thing you have to watch is the blade holder is narrower than the cheap replacement utility blades so it may take you a package or two to find a replacement blade. I like the finger grips and I never feel like it may slip in my hand.

  3. DAN your remark should have been edited out, that was not cool at all
    and not funny. Wonder how many parents had to explain your attempt
    at being funny to THEIR KIDS that were watching this video.


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