FLEX Nailer Coming January 2024!

FLEX Power Tools 18 guage 24V Brad Nailer
FLEX 24V 18GA Brad Nailer

FLEX Power Tools is adding an 18 gauge brad nailer to its 24V power tool lineup. This will be the first nailer for FLEX. Not only are we going to share with you everything we know about it, but we were able to have this product tested in the field and will share with you that professional power tool review.

FLEX Nailer Guide

About FLEX Power Tools

FLEX 24V 18GA Nailer battery platform

FLEX Power Tools was founded in 1922 and developed the first angle grinder in 1954. Since then FLEX has continued to develop and redesign its power tool technology to bring skilled trade professionals the best tools. FLEX joined CHERVON in 2013 to further this mission of bringing state-of-the-art power tools and equipment to professionals around the world.

The latest big innovation at FLEX power tools is its 24V cordless platform. FLEX Stacked Lithium batteries provide “200% more power and 300% longer battery life than traditional lithium”, plus improved charged times that can recharge completely in 30 minutes.

The FLEX 24V 18GA Brad Nailer is the latest power tool to benefit from the FLEX 24V platform.

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FLEX Power Tools Brad Nailer

  • Product Name: FLEX Look at who showed up at the TIA workshop. It’s Toolz, our Elf on the Shelf, or Elf on the workbench in our case! He must have heard us talking about him. He’s here to share his own special DIY Elf on the Shelf activities to do over winter break.
  • Product Number: FX4331
  • Features: Has a magazine capacity of up to 110 nails, holds nails between 5/8 in. to 2 1/8 in., and users can bump nails or sink sequentially.
  • Battery Platform: FLEX 24V
  • Warranty: Limited 5-year Warranty on all FLEX 24V tools, batteries, chargers, and more. The FLEX site has more info regarding FLEX Power Tools Warranty programs.
  • Price: $279
  • Where to Buy: Available at Lowe’s or on the FLEX site.

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FLEX 18 GA Brad Nailer Gets a PRO Review

We love testing products here at TIA, but since building and construction is not what we do day in and day out it’s not as easy for us to learn how a tool holds up to long-term heavy use. Fortunately, when we do want to find this out we know a lot of trusted professionals that we are able to lend these tools to.

For this PRO Review we loaned out the FLEX 24V 18GA Brad Nailer out to our friends Mike and Marco. They own a Chicagoland business designing high-end cabinetry and were happy to test this nailer in a professional setting. Here is how it went:

Mike’s PRO Review

“I have worked with a lot of nailers over the years and it’s a common problem for the nails to not sink correctly. Not with this FLEX nailer. The performance was consistent throughout construction the whole time we tested it. Nails sink properly every time without indenting wood.”

Marco’s PRO Review

“I agree with everything that Mike said. The FLEX nailer was consistent. No going back and fixing random nails that were sticking out. It was also easy to use on an angle. The nails sank perfectly each time, creating a better product for customers, and at the end of the day that is what’s most important.”

Overall Review

“Love it!” is Mike and Marco’s official verdict of this FLEX nailer. They keep asking us to give it back so it obviously won them over.

So, there you have it. The FLEX 24V 18GA Brad Nailer is tested and approved by some true professionals.

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Value of FLEX Brad Nailer

We compared the FLEX Brad Nailer to other 18 gauge brad nailers of similar power. The FLEX 24V 18GA Nailer will come to market in January 2024 for $279 for the bare tool. DeWALT and Milwaukee make very similar 18GA brad nailers and both retail for $299. So, the FLEX Nailer does come in a little cheaper. We also did some reading and while both the DeWALT and Milwaukee 18GA brad nailers are strong competitors, we did come across negative reviews about indentations left on the wood and the Milwaukee nail gun being particularly difficult to use at angle. Our pros didn’t experience either of these issues.

Some people are hesitant to buy a cheaper tool because they feel like it might be less expensive because it’s inferior. That is not the case with the FLEX 24V 18GA Nailer. The price and the performance challenge top brands.

Where to Buy

Want your own FLEX Brad Nailer? This product will be available in January 2024. FLEX Power Tools can be found at Lowe’s or the FLEX site.

If you want to know more about FLEX power tools you can check out more of our TIA FLEX Power Tools articles.


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