FIRMAN Generators – Storm Ready


firman-generator-panelA generator has many uses and applications, one of which is an emergency backup.  Being a backup it must be reliable and always work.  FIRMAN may not be known as a major brand in the USA, but they have been producing OEM generator parts and equipment for over a decade.  Recently we had a chance to check out the FIRMAN 3650 Generator with Remote Start model number P03603.   The unit boasts a 14 hour run time on 5 gallons of gas.  It puts out 3650 Watts with 4550 starting Watts.

The unit had plenty of power to run our 15 amp log splitter as demonstrated in the video below.  For those of you that are lazy, the img_8974-2generator comes with a remote start.  Simply hit a button and the unit starts, obviously you will need to keep unit outside when running it.  The generator also has a panel that tells you volts, Hz, hours and if you have low oil.

The unit can handle up to 30A via the L5-30R and TT-30R outlets which is perfect for RV use.  It  has 2 standard 120V 20amp ports, the unit only operates at 120V.  The overall build of the unit is good and the performance was impressive.  One thing that usually shy people away from an unknown brand is support.  FIRMAN has a support center in Phoenix Arizona so when you call you get someone who speaks English and can take care of your issue.   For those of you that want a good generator for a good price take a look at FIRMAN, you really cant go wrong.



  1. Seems pretty nice I don’t currently own a generator, have been wanting one. I’ll have to look into this further thanks guys!

  2. I love my generator I have it for over 6 years now and still works great I bought it a day before the hurricane in 2016 I was with no light for a whole week after a hurricane and never ever steal to this day have had a problem with it ?


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