Father’s Day Gift Guide – The Ryobi Edition


Okay, let’s get one thing straight.  Ryobi didn’t reach out to us or pay us for this Father’s Day Gift Guide.  Yes, we have TTI as a sponsor, but again, this was a guide we wanted to create.  On Monday we came out with a Father’s Day Gift Guide that we thought would have a ton of cool things for dad.  But over the weekend we begin to realize a couple of things.  First, not every dad is into tools.  So why spend a ton of money on tools that will be sitting around the garage for most of the year?  If he wants to get another tool for his professional line, it will cost a lot more to buy those professional grades.  Second, I realize most people are on a limited budget.  While it would be great to get Dad any gift, it’s not always practical.  So as I thought about it, I figured what better gift than a Ryobi tool.  They are still high quality tools, they won’t break the bank and they are available at any Home Depot.  So I wanted to put together a list of Ryobi tools we have had experience with and think would make a great gift and have a great value.


Father’s Day Gift Guide

ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (4-Tool) – $159.20

Ryobi Combo Kit

If your dad doesn’t have any tools, this is a great kit to get him started.  The drill and circular saw will allow him to do a ton of things around the house.  Like fix the door you broke when you were mad at him for not letting you go out at night and hang out with your friends.  Remember he was a kid a while back so he knows what you’re up to.  Do you blame him?



ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultimate Combo Kit (6-Tool) – $259

Ryobi Combo kit 6

This kit is a little more pricey, but you get two extra tools with it.  You get an impact driver, which is an awesome tool, plus you get an oscillating tool.  So basically you are paying about $40 per tool.  If you have the cash, I would go with this kit.  He will spend more on the door and time to fix it than the extra $100.



10 in. Portable Table Saw with Quick Stand – $199

Ryobi Table Saw

The saw only got a 3.5 star rating, but when we tested it, it was a great saw for the money, plus it comes with a stand.  The saw has a 15 amp motor, so it’s up there with the big boys, but at a fraction of the cost.




15-Amp 10 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser – $179

Ryobi 10 Miter Saw

A 10″ quality miter saw for $179 is a steal.  A 10″ slider will get most jobs done.  The saw has a 15 amp motor, so it will power through most anything.  However it won’t break the bank.





15 Amp 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser$249

Ryobi Miter

If your dad is one of the guys who needs the biggest tool available, you might want to look at the 12″ miter saw.  With a 4.5 star rating and a price of only $249, it’s hard to beat.  Just make sure dad keeps his fingers away from the path of the blade.




2.6 Amp 5 in. Random Orbit Sander$39.97

Ryobi Sander

This is a pretty good sander for the price.  While you can get other orbital sanders, the price tag won’t break the bank.  This one is comfortable and does a great job for the money.




1.2 Amp Corner Cat Sander$24.97

ryobi Sander

If your dad does occasional woodworking or needs to paint some furniture, this is another great sander that will allow him to get into tight corners.  The bag does a pretty decent job collecting dust.  With a 4.5 star rating and a price tag of $24, it’s pretty hard to beat.





ONE+ 18-Volt Hybrid Stereo with Bluetooth Wireless Technology – $99

Ryobi Radio

Are you tired of listening to your dad sing songs while he works?  The Ryobi radio will help drown out that screeching noise.  Well hopefully, I guess it depends how loud he sings.  This features a Bluetooth, so if you get stuck helping him, you can at least listen to your favorite music.




ONE+ 18-Volt Hybrid Portable Fan (Tool Only)$37.97

Ryobi Fan

Stay cool with this fan.  I have this in my garage and love it.  It does a decent job moving around and keeping things cool.  In fact, I end up bringing it into the house or on the patio just to get air movement.  Not bad for the price.





ONE+ 18-Volt Dual Power 20-Watt LED Work Light (Tool Only)$69

Ryobi light

This is a great little light.  It’s LED which means it doesn’t get as hot as those older bulb lights.  What’s great about this light is you can run it off a battery or plug it into an extension cord.





ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum (Tool-Only) $24.97

Ryobi Vac

This is a handy little tool to help pick up those messes.  It is not the most powerful battery vac we have tested, but it does a decent job.





18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike Brad Nailer and Straight Nailer Combo (2-Tool)$387

Ryobi Nailer

This is a must have, if you have the cash.  These nailers are great.  No cords, no compressor and no issues with these nailers.  They are some of the best nailers we have tested over the years.





Ryobi Garage Door Opener $248

Ryobi Garage Door Opener

If nothing on this list fancies you, this is a must have.  I have this in my garage and love it.  The app is awesome, the motor and drive system is quiet.  What I love about this is the modules you can buy.  You can buy a fan, cord reel, radio and more to make the garage more of a man cave.  You can take any tool I own, but don’t take this one from me.



  1. Nice, Ryobi 1+ kits are the Best Buy to get that best dad. I got one a few years ago and it’s still in use. Love my Ryobi.


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