The Extractor – Nail Extracting Pliers



Pulling a nail is not a big deal, well unless your Dan then its a broadway production.  If you have to pull a lot of nails, then it can be a pain and time consuming.  Thats when the Extractor Nail Puller can come in handy.  Not only will it pull nails, but it also pulls staples, screws and other fasteners.

When you first look at the Extractor, they look like regular pliers.  A closer look at them and they are a lot more.  The design is what makes these so cool.  You only need minimum force for the gripping power to stay in place, even on tough or hard to reach fasteners.  If the tool does has slippage, then the tool automatically adjust to get a tighter grip without it slipping.  Whats cool about these extractors is that there is a locking feature so if you need more leverage, you can pop on an extension pipe and pry away.  As you can see the jaws are parrell, so this means even force is applied to the fastener which helps prevent slippage or shearing.



You can see a curve part on the back end of the pliers which allows the user to rock the tool and extract the fastener, nice feature and very useful.  One the inside of the pliers are 22 serrated teeth for optimal gripping power.  The tool has a black phosphate coating to prevent corrosion.  The Extractor weighs 21 oz and has an over all length of 11″ for greater leverage.

Overall this is a great tool to have around.  We pulled a lot of different fasteners with this tool and it performed awesome.  The only times we couldn’t use this tool is when the fasteners was embedded into the material and their was nothing to grip on.  The tool griped small brad nails and small staples so we could extract them.  On some 3″ screws we drove into some wood, the extractor also performed flawlessly.  If your profession requires you to pull a lot of fasteners each day, take a look at the Extractor.

You can purchase it here  from ACME Tools


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