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EGO Pole Saw – Power+ 10″ Telescopic

When it comes to outdoor power equipment (OPE), EGO is the front runner.  Since 2014 they have been not only known for quality but also for their innovation and large, extensive line of products in their 56V line-up.  Today they are adding another tool to their ever-popular line-up, the EGO Pole Saw which is a 10″ telescopic pole saw.

EGO Pole Saw Information


When it comes to innovation, this EGO has something cool up its sleeve.  This is the first pole saw that incorporates a LED Cut Line indicator which is key when working in dark, low-light, or shaded areas.

The pole saw is powered by a single 56V EGO battery which offers some of the best power and run time on the market.

The carbon fiber shaft can be broken down into two sections for easy transport and storage.

Putting the two sections together is quick, easy, and tool-free. Just line up, click into place, and then turn the tightening handle on the shaft.

The telescoping shaft can reach up to 16′ in length and because it has a carbon fiber shaft, it is still 30% lighter than other pole saws in this class.

The head is straightforward and uses a D-handle design making it easy to use when fully extended.

The pole saw is equipped with a 10″ bar and chain.

The saw has a clear oil tank to easily see how much chain oil is left in the unit.

As far as the limb hook with teeth, it is metal for better control.

The tool also utilizes a tool-free chain tensioner.

If you need to change or access the chain, the cover comes off without any tools so it’s very easy to access.

Wrap up

Bottom line, if you are looking for a quality OPE line to get into, EGO is the way to go.  This EGO POWER+ 10″ TELESCOPIC POLE SAW is just another example of why EGO is top dog.  The quality and ease of use, plus its power make this a great addition to their large line of 56V OPE tools.

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