EGO Chainsaw – Coming Soon

EGO Chainsaw

It’s official, EGO just announced they will have a 56V Chainsaw coming to a Home Depot near you.  We would like to thank a TIA Crew Member for finding this news and bringing it to our attention.  As you know we have really been impressed with the EGO 56V line so far.  The line has been far better than we expected, so I don’t think the chainsaw will be any different and my guess is that it will surprise us also.

I have to say I am glad EGO is expanding their 56V outdoor lawn and garden line. How nice is it to have a battery operated line up for your home that is powerful and does the job.  No more gas, no more loud engines, no more hassle.  Now again, we love this line, but since it is new there isn’t a long-term track record.  We have spoken with EGO and they are 100% committed.  They are willing to answer all of our questions and have been open and honest with us from the start, which says a lot to us.  Okay, so what about the EGO Chainsaw?

EGO is adding a 14″ chain saw to their power+ line up.  This saw should be in stores early fall of 2014.  The saw looks like it will have a 2.0 Ah battery, the same as the trimmer, blower and hedger.  Suggested retail price as of today is $299, but as we all know, that could be higher or lower by product launch date.

If you are interested in EGO, check out some of our reviews.

If you own EGO or are planning on getting one, let us know your thoughts and experiences with this line up.


  1. Wish Ego would have made it 16″ instead of 14″ i wonder if it will be brushless? GreenWorks has a 40volt 16″ brushless and Ryobi has a 16″ 40volt brushless

    • Yeah, let us know if you get a chance to get your hands on the 40V brushless 16″ bar Greenworks to compare. Given the success that Milwaukee has been having w/ brushless, I’m hoping this thing could just pretty stout.

  2. When I was younger I thought gas was the only way to go. Then I helped a friend clear out a REALLY overgrown yard. All he had chainsaw-wise was a 10″ corded pole saw without the pole. I hated the cord, but was able to make that little saw do a lot with a bit of patience.

    Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for a decent cordless chainsaw. Of the ones I’ve seen this one looks the most promising since the rest of the line has great reviews. I just don’t want to have to store any more gas than needed.

  3. When will they come out with a pole chain saw? I love all of their other products. I have the 14 ” chain saw but need one on a pole.

    • I’m with Don, when will EGO put out a cordless pole saw? I’m waiting to buy one until EGO makes one. Until then I’ll just keep borrowing my Dad’s corded Homelite pole saw.


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