Ego Backpack Blower Model LB6000

Ego Backpack Blower

If you are taking a stroll down the OPE aisles at The Home Depot, you have probably seen the name Ego.  This is a brand that has hit the market hard over the last couple of years with battery powered OPE tools such as a lawnmower, hand held blower, string trimmer, chainsaw and more.  While Ego is a newer company to market, the main company, Chervon, has been around a long time.  They have plenty of experience and in fact we had a chance to visit them first hand.  While the visit was awesome, I took away two things.  First, is their battery technology.  They have an incredible battery that is a workhorse.  The second item is quality.  Time and time again, I heard and saw first hand how quality is very important to them.  They built a quality product and stand behind every single product. Three years ago if you asked me, I would never have thought I would be running battery powered OPE tools, I was a gas guy all the way.  After using Ego products, I am proud to say I will never go back to gas.  Well, today they have a new product available, the Ego Backpack Blower.

Ego Backpack BlowerOkay so you know I am a huge fan of Ego, but I have to be honest.  When I first heard about the Ego backpack blower, I thought it was cool, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around having a battery powered tool that is a high demand tool.  I think because I grew up on gas and battery technology can’t compete, but here we are and I have to say Ego did an awesome job with the blower.  As a side note, we have the new Snow Blower and I am excited about putting that through the test in winter, but that is for another day.

Now the back of the Ego Backpack blower might not look like much because it doesn’t have the engine, but don’t let looks fool you.  This blower puts out a whopping 600 CFM’s which makes any clean up job a snap.  One reason this thing jams so much air through the system is because of the turbine-fan design.  As with all other backpack blowers, you can control everything right from your hand.  You can control the trigger and it also has a variable speed dial, with a Turbo option.  From 320 cubic feet per minute all the way up to 600 cubic feet per minute.  The unit is built around a brushless motor and uses their 56V line of batteries.

In regards to noise level, this unit does a great job keeping it down.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not as quiet as their lawnmowers, but compared to a gas blower, it’s night Ego Backpack Blowerand day.  While the straps don’t look like much, the padding does a nice job keeping you comfortable, even for long periods of use.  There is a shoulder strap for each shoulder, a hip belt and chest belt.  So once you get the unit fully on, it’s very comfortable and doesn’t slide around when in use.

The blower tube is adjustable, but I really don’t use that much.  I have it set to the longest length and pretty much leave it there.  When you get into heavy, wet leaves, it does a great job.  If you need more power, you can push the Turbo button with your thumb and get an extra kick, however, that will lower your overall run time.  So far I have been using this on my lawn and walkways.  It does a great job, but I am really curious to see how it will handle this fall with the leaves, pine cones and small branches, which I will report back to you on.  In advance, I think this will easily handle my yard with the pine cones and other debris.  I have to say that this is a great backpack blower and yes, you can use it with your existing Ego batteries.

Ego Backpack Blower Specification

  • Variable speed: 320 CFM to 600 CFM
  • Maximum air velocity: 145 MPH
  • Up to 120-minute run-time with 5.0AH 56-volt Arc-Lithium™ Battery (on low speed)
  • Turbine fan engineering
  • Hi-efficiency brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Adjustable tube length
  • 8 times quieter than gas-powered backpack blowers
  • Adjustable harness with waist belt
  • 5 Year Warranty

Bottom line, I love this blower.  It’s lightweight, quiet and powerful.  I love not having to listen to a loud motor roaring in my ears.  This is another quality product from Ego and I think anyone who invests in the Ego line of products can verify how well these OPE tools are.  Next time you are at The Home Depot, check one of these out.  Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below, in our power tool forum or on our YouTube video.

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