EGO 56V Lawn Mower Joins Fleet of Electric OPE


The EGO lawn mower, yes I said the EGO lawn mower.  You may have not heard of these guys. but if you visit a Home Depot you will see not only a lawn mower, but other tools in this line up.  They have a blower, weed whip, hedger and trimmer. EGO is new to the market this year, which is both good and bad.  Let’s start out with the good.  As far as battery operated mowers, this is a great mower with lots of features other battery mowers don’t have.  First, this folds up nicely and you can even hang it on the wall.  Second, it has the option of mulching, bagging and even side discharge.  Something the other battery mowers we tested can’t brag about. Third, is the power.  This bad boy is powered by a 56V, while the others we tested have a 40V platform.  Out of all the battery powered mowers we tested, this one seems like the best built.  The handle is nice and doesn’t have a lot of play like the others ones have.

Okay the bad side now.  Since this is a new company there isn’t a track record. How will this hold up long term?  How is the customer service?   How long will the batteries last before they need to be replaced.  I guess only time will tell.  Which means we will have a long term review on this after more use.

You might think with a 56V it would take a while to charge the batteries, but you would be wrong.  In fact, this only takes 30 minutes to charge which is pretty amazing for a 56V battery.  On the front of the lawn mower, there are two rather bright LED lights, so if you’re like me and get a late start mowing the grass, you can always push a button to help with that last 10 minutes of mowing.

Even though the company is new to market this year, Tools in Action rates this as the best battery operated mower for mower week.  The unit is powerful, easy to move around, easy to store and seems like it is a quality machine.  With other tools in the line up, it is a great reason to invest in this one battery platform for all your lawn needs.  As I said we will be revisiting this lawn mower later this year.  If you have any experience with this mower, shoot us an email or leave a comment below. We always love hearing about other peoples experience with any products, but especially a new product.


What We Like

  • Powerful
  • Folds up small and nice when not in use
  • Has side discharge
  • LED Headlights
  • Quality Mower
  • Large Cut

What We Don’t Like

  • Batteries are new to us, so not sure how they will perform long term.


  • 4.0Ah 56 -Volt Lithium-Ion Battery: Industry’s most powerful battery
  • 30-Minute Charger: Industry’s fastest charger
  • Up To A 45-Minute Cut Time: Battery run time meets or exceeds charge time
  • Fold Flat In Seconds: Convenient storing and cleaning
  • 20” Cut Capacity: Reduces the number of passes required to cut your lawn
  • True 3-In-1 Function: Superior mulching, rear bagging and side discharge performance
  • LED Headlights: Allow for mowing anytime
  • 600W, High-Torque, Magnetic Motor: Designed for high power output at 3300RPM’s
  • Convenient Push-Button Start: No more pull cord, easily starts at the press of a button


  1. I really like the idea of these new cordless mowers. I bet small engine repair guys are not as happy though. It’s around 100 dollars any time you bring a broken gas powered tool in, and electrical power simplifies everything. The thing that will most likely go bad on the mower is the battery and that’s easy to diagnose over the phone with the company. The other complaint about expensive replacement batteries is like my comment above a small engine repair is going to cost about the same so its about an even tradeoff if and when the battery goes bad. Ego gives you a 3 year battery warranty which is really nice. I don’t think anyone would go wrong with a smaller lot buying this mower and the compact storage is a big deal for people with smaller homes and garages.

  2. If it holds up long term then its well worth it…According to Ego… 5 year warranty on tool and 3 year on battery which is pretty dam good for something new to market:)

  3. Yeah, I’d love another review of this mower after some use to see how the battery holds up. I have the same reservations – it’s a new company that has no track record and who knows how the battery will hold up and how easy it is to deal with a replacement if it fails within 3 years,

    BTW, what are you filming with? A GoPro? I remember in one of the videos Dan mentioned that you guys record with a phone. Which phone is that? Video quality is excellent.

  4. Im so excited for electric/battery powered out door power equipment! Recently got the Worx 20v trimmer and its been great for trimming the driveway. Instant on is freaken amazing!
    Can’t wait to upgrade to a battery powered lawn mower myself.

  5. I really like the looks and functions of this mower, especially the collapsability for storage. When I replace my Murray I think I’m going for the EGO.

  6. Of all the mowers demo’d this week I think this is the one that is most intreging. I saw the whole line up at our HD store this weekend. I was impressed. Again, I have very little yard work at my casa. Maybe when my other yard tools break I’ll bring these into the fold. Laters TIA

  7. Very cool looking that is for sure. How do you clean it up? Can you hose it off after you use it? Has to be some kind of way to clean up the grass clippings.. Anyway not bad looking.

  8. I know this comment isn’t about the lawn mower my gas Honda still runs great, but I’m still tempted to go electric just because its less of a hassle compared to gas. I just purchased the Ego leaf blower kit after my poor little Ryobi 18v leaf blowers impeller shattered. I think I will keep buying new Ego lawn tools as needed. I have a Honda HRX gas mower which I can say anything bad about, but I really want one of these new cordless mowers. I just can’t justify spending the money on a new mower when I want so many other tools!! The problems of a tool nerd you want everything but don’t have the extra cash.

  9. I bought this mower about a month ago. I have cut the lawn twice so far. The first time, the grass was not high and I was able to cut the whole lawn in one charge. The second time it had been raining every day and the grass was higher, and it required another charge to finish the lawn. Not a big deal at all since it charges so quickly. I even got to use the headlights since the sun went down. They worked very well. It bogs less than my gas mower too. Never almost quits like my gas one did. It is such a pleasure to mow the lawn without the noise, vibration, fumes, mess and maintenance of a gas mower. I plan on buying another tool, probably the blower, and then I will have two batteries so I can keep going when one dies. I live in south Florida with a small garage so being able to fold it up afterwards is great. I waited a long time for a decent cordless mower(I planned on buying the core outdoor one when/if it is ever released), and this one checks all the boxes. Great product!

  10. I am getting ready to replace my old corded B&D Electric Mower with this Ego Cordless. I was concerned about the life of the battery so I contacted the manufacturer. So far, their customer service is stellar as I heard back from them the same day. The battery has a 3-year warranty so we can be assured that we won’t have to purchase a new one for at least 3 years.

  11. I like this mower. My lawn is way to big for this mower. I would like to just try some ego products but my property is to big.

  12. Hello,
    Well, my EGO 56V Lawn Mower Battery just carked it after exactly 2years, 11mths, & 3weeks!!
    I have just emailed the warranty service and requested a replacement battery.

  13. Mine lasted almost 2 years and it just died (seems to be one of the many relays as the battery is fully charged). I have been trying all day to call their customer service to ask for service/warranty help, with no luck. I’ve been on hold for hours and then they simply drop the line.


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