EBL Power Station – Power on the Go

EBL Power Station

Are you into camping, tailgating, hunting, or other activities where you might need power but aren’t close to an outlet?  If so, here is a pretty cool power station we stumbled upon, the EBL Power Station.

EBL Power Station Overview

EBL isn’t a company that is mainstream, in fact, I’d never heard of them until we took a look at this EBL power station.  Without getting too lengthy, EBL has been around since 1998, so it’s not like this is a new start-up, or one of those here today and gone tomorrow companies.  For me, history does matter, which EBL offers.

A while back I was looking through Amazon because I needed a portable power solution.  While there are many to pick from, I went with EBL primarily because I thought it was a good value for what this power station offers.  So let’s jump into the features and then I can go into the pros and cons of this unit.

EBL Power Station Features

The EBL is a 300Wh portable power station. The unit can power/charge up to nine devices simultaneously.

You can charge the power station via a 120v outlet or a 12v car port.  You will get a faster charging time using a 120v outlet.

EBL Power Station

All the controls and outputs are located at the front of the system.  The 330 Watt offers 1 AC Outlet, 3 USB ports, 1 Type-C port, and a 12V port.

EBL Power Station

There is a decent screen to see your various status situations.

One cool feature is on top of the unit, there is wireless charging for your phone.

EBL Power Station

On the front of the unit, there is a light.  The light isn’t the best but will work when needed.

As you can see, the screen offers a nice visual of what is being charged and the amount of power being used with each port.

EBL Solar Panel

One of the coolest features is being able to charge this with a solar panel, which you have to buy separately.  So if you are in the woods or away from power for a while, you can always charge the unit and have unlimited power.  If you purchase the solar panel, all the wires and hookups are included.  The panel is lightweight and easy to set up.

EBL Power Station Performance

We always talk about performance in our reviews but there isn’t much to say as it does exactly what they advertise.  The unit is light enough to carry around and powerful enough to power/charge multiple items.  I do wish the screen was a little bigger but I really didn’t find myself referring to the screen for much.

EBL Power Station Value

As I stated above, for me I wanted this unit for the value.  The unit runs for about $300 on Amazon.  As of today, they have a coupon and you can pick this up for $240.  With all the ports and simultaneous charging and the watts, I thought it was a reasonable price and it is fair, especially if you get it with the $60 off.

EBL Power Station Wrap Up

Overall this is a decent unit for the price. You have the necessary power and outlets that are the most common, so when you are away from power, you can still power all your devices.  You can check out more on the EBL website.


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