Drill Doctor Review – DDSB

Not too long ago we did a review on the Drill Doctor 750.  Yep you guessed it, it is a doctor for your drill bits.  Well Drill Doctor has a cool new idea that uses the same technology to sharpen twist bits, but now they also do spade bits.


Power Tool Review – Drill Doctor

Power Tool Model – DDSB

Pros: produces professional results, sharpening wheel lasts a long time

Cons: a little tricky to figure out how to use, but great once you figure it out

Specifications of the Drill Doctor

  • Sharpens twist bits 3/32″ – 1/2″
  • Sharpens masonry bits up to 1/2″
  • Sharpens spade bits 1/4″ – 1-1/2″
  • Replaceable diamond sharpening wheel

Drill and spade bits are designed to cut through material, so it is only natural they will dull over time.  This means more stress on your drill and not the best end result with the hole you cut.  Good drill bits are expensive and even they too will lose their sharpness over time. Throwing them out is not an option because,  well most of us are too cheap.  So we really only have two answers, take them in and have them professionally sharpened or do it ourselves.  We usually like doing things ourselves, so let’s go with option number two and that’s where the Drill Doctor comes into play.

The Drill Doctor has been around for a long time, but recently they introduced their new BBSD which not only sharpens masonry and twist bits but also spade bits.  The system even does specialty bits with screw points and spurs.

We are very familiar with the Drill Doctor and love the system, it has saved us a lot of money over the years.  Since we have played with this before we wanted to take it out and get some feedback, let others play with it.  We brought some dull and busted screws for them to try.  Over and over we heard the same thing, the results of the Drill Doctor were great.  The biggest thing people had a hard time believing was a drill bit that was flat or broken, was now reusable.  A couple of the people had a harder time picking up and learning the system, but once they got the hang of it, it was a snap.  We usually write a lot of information for a review, but this is one of those tools that the picture and video do more than words can.


If you have some expensive or favorite bits you want to return to new again, this sharpener is for you.  We were able to produce professional results very easily.  A coupleof  people we did have try the system and didn’t explain it to them had a little bit of a hard time, well not necessary a hard time, but took them a little longer to figure out the correct way to use it.  Once they figured it out, they had no problems creating a finish that matched the manufacturers original finishing sharpness.



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