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We receive a lot of request to review products.  Most of them from overseas and most of them are just plain junk.  When we received an email from OEMPTA, we weren’t sure what to expect.  But we decided to give them a shot.  We have to be honest, when we received them in the mail and looked at them, we put them to the side for a couple of days and didn’t think twice about them.  After all they didn’t have the fancy packaging or a name we were familiar with.  We thought they we just imported from China and well you know.  One day Dan was over at my house and as he was fulfilling his fixation of drilling and cutting into my work bench, which by the way Dan you need to come over and replace my workbench top, he grabbed one of the OEM drill bits and started screwing into my workbench.  Which to this day I don’t understand why he does, especially when I have 2×4 three feet away.  After the first screw he screwed, he looked at me and said, “actually these are not to bad.”  He proceed to add to his screw collection in my workbench and became very excited.  After he created a smiley face in my bench, he invited me over to give them a try.  At first I though he was just messing with me and over talking the bits.  He likes to do that because he know how much it irritates me when a manufacture puts a bit holder in with kits and the magnets or the bits suck.


After using them I was very surprised how well these bits work, in fact they are all I use on my drills now.  Well not anymore since I gave them all away, guess I have to put an order in for some more.  The magnets are very strong so not only do they hold the screw in place, but when you dip the tip in your tool pouch, it will bring up a fair amount of screws to work with.  The counter sink is awesome which makes it even great for drywall applications.  As you can see by the picture, there is a lip around the bill which does a couple of things.  First its where the magnet is located and second it provides either a flush finish or counter sink if you push a little harder.  One nice feature we noticed is that it protects your material.  When the ring hits the material, it doesn’t leave a mark like some other products we have seen on the market.

After doing some research on this bits and talking with Steve from OEMPTA a little further, we found out some other great information on these bits.  The bits are made from steel and the grades are about one or two steps higher then their competition.  When we received the bits, they came in a small plastic bag, not the nice fancy marketing packages we are use to seeing.  We get suckered into fancy marketing packages and sometimes when we don’t see that packaging, well our thoughts change.  Kinda of like in Tommy Boy when Chris Farley was selling the brake pads and their owner states his customers like seeing the fancy packaging.  Its classic when Chris tells hims what he will put in the fancy box with the warranty.  Well the reason they didn’t have fancy packaging was these bits are sold directly to manufacturing facilities for internal use.  So they don’t need that fancy stuff, they just need a bit that will work and work they will do.  We tried striping the head off one.  While obviously were were able to after numerous tries, it did take us a long time and do feel they out perform most other bits.

After messing around with the bits, we picked up the Flex Drivers.  First thing Dan said is the bits may be great, but usually these thing suck.  They don’t transfer the torque.  I have to thank Dan in advance because I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  He put a screw at the end of the extension and of course used my workbench as the testing material.  As soon as the screw started to bite, I could see a little bit of the torque transfer to his arm.  When the screw finally came to a stop, the drill flew right out of his hand because he wasn’t holding onto it tight.  He had a dumb founded look on his face as I broke out laughing and all he could do is look at me and say well I guess these things really work.  These are great for getting into hard to reach spaces.  We also tested the Pivot Drivers which worked well.  The Pivot drivers are designed for a 20 degree angle.  One thing we really like about these is they don’t snap back into place when in use, like some of the other manufactures we have tried.

If your like us and you want a good bit, you have to look at the OEMPTA.  These things are awesome and for the price, you can stock up on them.  Trust me you will need to because any time someone sees one, the first thing they will do is ask about it, then they want to try it and then they want it.  Thats why I don’t have anymore.  The Flex and Pivot drivers are just as good.


These are no longer available from OEMPTA


  1. I thought these magnetic bits were really cool and usefull. I went to oempta’s website and couldn’t find them anywhere. I think that they are discontinued. I was at Sutherlands hardware store and saw a set of 3, there not oempta but they are close to the same thing.The square bit is junk, the magnetic ring will stick when you completely set the screw. Does anybody know where i could find these bits?

    • You can check them out on amazon. Hitachi bought them out and now sells them. I don’t think they are worth the money now that Hitachi owns them. I think the last time I saw them was 2 for $7. They were a steal when OEMPTA had them, but not anymore. I think your better of going with a drywall bit instead. A lot cheaper.

  2. just picke dup the PH and SQ bits,the impact rated drill bits,the blue bit holders and spade bits. and i am impressed. all i use now for fastening is the blue PH bits and have some deck jobs coming up and cant wait to use the SQ bits. and for the price, stuff is unbeatable. Also got 10 multi tools blades, they arent the best but for the price you cant beat it. I was sick of snapping 10-20 dollar blades all the time.


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