Dremel Versa Review

Dremel Versa Review

When I think of Dremel, I think of a few select tools. I consider the amazing rotary tools which are incredibly useful and I think of their oscillating tools that have gained popularity with homeowners and professionals alike. One thing I have mentioned before was how Dremel has gotten super creative in launching specialized tools directed at a target audience vs the masses. Well, their newest addition, the Dremel Versa attempts to answer some heavy cleaning concerns we experience day to day. So, how does Dremel do in solving these problems? Read on in the Dremel Versa Review to find out.

Dremel Versa Review Overview

When I think of the toughest cleaning jobs, things like grout, bbq grills, and hard to reach areas in bathrooms and kitchens all come to mind. It would be nice if there was a simple solution to giving more power without a huge hassle. In comes Dremel with a solution.  Basically, they aim to take place of good old-fashioned elbow grease. It’s not the first time the tool world decided to take this need on though, as brush attachments for drills have been around for a while. Dremel took that idea a step further and decided to make a dedicated handheld tool with attachments. The Dremel Versa has a lot of potential to make a multitude of tough cleaning jobs easier.

Dremel Versa Review Features

Dremel Versa Review

The Dremel Versa is a rotating cleaning tool, that weighs in at 2 pounds and has 2200 RPMs. The design is compact and can be held within one hand.

Dremel Versa Review

Dremel used an internal lithium-ion battery that is charged via a micro USB port making it cordless during use.

Dremel Versa Review

The included charger has a USB end, this can plug directly into a USB port or use the plug with the adaptor that is included.

Dremel Versa Review

Dremel included a one-speed option, making the tool simple to operate by the press of a button.

Dremel Versa Review

Dremel included a splash guard to prevent excessive spray when using chemicals and attaches simply by rotating onto the tool.

Dremel Versa Review

The Versa comes with two attachment bases. One is the black nylon brush and the other is a flat head with hook and loop backing for three different cleaning pad options.

Dremel Versa Review

The blue pad is a general purpose cleaning pad designed to clean without scratching.

The brown pad is a heavy-duty pad, designed for use on metal and is abrasive meaning it is designed for removing paint and rust.

The white pad is a foam cleaning pad, similar to a magic eraser material and is designed for indoor cleaning applications like counters, walls, and floors.

Dremel Versa Review

The black bristled power brush is made of durable nylon and is angled for getting into hard to reach places. Ideal cleaning surface is areas like grout, tires, etc.

Dremel Versa Review Performance

The Dremel Versa works well in its niche. The tool feels strong and sure, and the quality is what we have come to expect from Dremel. The attachments spin on securely and the splash guard does offer some assistance in preventing a radiating mess, but I would still use protection if using chemicals. The hook and loop pad connection works well at keeping the pads firmly attached to the pad attachment.

The nylon brush stood out as the superior attachment. I did feel it worked well on grout, as the nylon brush attachment penetrates grout quickly and easily. This grout is almost black and is in the main entrance of our home, so sadly it gets pretty dirty quickly. I’ve used toothbrush style nylon brushes to clean grout for years, and this was certainly a step above. The biggest knock performance wise is the other pads. The changeable pads wear down quickly, so it’s not going to be a tool you are able to use constantly or in very large areas.

There are two things I would have liked to see included given its price point. A multi-speed option would have made this tool a bit more useful given the array of applications. Another thing I was surprised by was that Dremel didn’t include a bag. Generally, Dremel includes some sort of carrying case, and for tools with small parts, it’s a necessity to keep it all together. If Dremel could expand the cleaning attachments as well, that would further bring usefulness to the lineup.

Dremel Versa Review Value 

Dremel runs about $50 at the Home Depot. I feel the price is decent given the quality of the tool itself, however, the attachment pads need some work. The replacement pads and run 10 dollars a piece which seems really steep to me. The replacement brush attachment runs the same, but it seems more justified given the longevity of the brush. This concern makes the tool difficult to justify price wise when you look at long-term usage costs. If Dremel could find a way to package the refills to reduce costs it would help out quite a bit. Additionally, I would have liked to see a bag included for easy storage.

Dremel Versa Review Final Thoughts

Dremel is always thinking of solutions to common problems for hobbyists and professionals alike. The tool itself is high quality, but it will be expensive to maintain. For those looking for a power option in cleaning, the Dremel Versa will be a great fit. I can see where certain craftsman will find a really unique use for this tool. I am eager to see how this tool progresses in their second generation as with a few improvements it could be a very useful tool.

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dremel-versa-reviewDremel is known for their quality rotary and oscillating tools, but they continue to push into niche markets too. If you need a little extra power in your cleaning routine, the Dremel Versa may just be the tool for you.


  1. you seem to be a dremel fan and a kiss ass. yes the dremel is handy but you seem to have left out the biggest issue with the crappy machine…. the short battery life on this thing has. i don’t see that in your reviews. this dremel’s battery life is pathetic. we used several times and we averaged 25 – 35mins after hours of charging.
    please try to give a proper review instead of pandering to the companies.

    • Yes, the power on the Dremel Versa is no where near the advertised 2 hours your supposed to get, you will get maybe 20-25 minutes of useful power time, then it takes a whopping 2 or more hours to charge the thing. With that said, it is a handy cleaning tool but working time is way too short to properly get a job done.

  2. Just what I needed to know, thank you. Regarding the comments by Efren Moreno (above). Maybe your tools battery was losing power quickly and the reviewers battery was not losing power. Efrens comment is mean and judge mental

  3. I just bought one this weekend. Was looking forward to clean my tub. I charged mine 2 times and each time the battery only lasted 10-15 minutes. Thinking about returning it to the store.

  4. Would you please get that stupid commercial off the TV….that women grunting and loud singing goes right thru us…that commercial would make me not wanting to buy it if that is the best you can do

  5. I have bought one at home depot this past week and i will be returning it as soon as the store opens.
    It is not a decent tool to use any where it claims it over heats and shuts off.
    Its true if you apply a little pressure it will shut down.
    Then you wait for a moment and it starts up again but the heat it generates it still there and it shuts off again.
    So back to Elbow Power.
    Keep this off the Market and send it back to Dremel/Bosch its not worth the time to even open the Package.

  6. The versa needs some work, needs variable speeds and more battery life, just sends cleaning solutions everywhere even the shield just collects it 50.00 for the tool and 10.00 for each attachment is not worth it one more tool can’t use

  7. I like the Versa, but I was hoping that it would have then just than one brush…I mean atleast make an adapter so I can use the drill bit brushes at the least. That I have to screw it on it just nonsensical andit would make sense to make drill bit friendly. I’m not going to use a drill bit of course, but if I could use more than just that one brush(the pads suck ass no matter what you say and they don’t last) and as for reaching out of reach areas…I highly doubt it as it is too bulky, unlike a drill than can be folded for such jobs. I don’t the battery for ever so I do let it charge while I’m taking a break so no worries on that part. I use the Dremel 62000 for grout jobs, which is great in cleaning up my tiles, but not the versa, because unless you put some heavy duty chemicals, you can’t do jack with hardened debris. Probably selling it back on Ebay to whoever would like it. Nice try, better luck next time…and please let the machine breathe. it gets too hot that it has to shut down. give it some vents like the rotary machines have


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