Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

As far as the power-tool spectrum goes, Multi-Tools are a pretty late arrival to the game. We have seen before that some attempts at “re-inventing the wheel” do not go over well. But just because Multi-Tools have not been around long, does not mean that they’re not worthy of a spot in your shop or toolbox. They’re in a class of their own, with good reason. Not much else in the store or on the job site is quite like it. Our Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review will show you why you should be lining up to buy this class of tool, and especially this one in particular.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Overview

Multi-Tools, like the Dremel Multi-Max MM45, fit well in the “Jack of All Trades” category. These little tools have a plethora of attachments. They don’t do anything that cannot be done any other way. But they do make it very easy to do some things that can be difficult or time consuming the previous ways.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

Multi-Tools have an oscillating head that moves a few degrees in either direction. For this reason, they’re rather safe. This is because there is almost no kick-back when cutting because of the oscillating movement. The short stroke also makes it less likely to take a finger off accidentally, when compared to something like a circular saw. These tools are a favorite of Homeowners and Carpenters who need an easy way to perform several functions.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Features

The box is quite impressive with all of the features it showcases. The sheer amount of attachments that are included is impressive as well. There is also a notation on the box about all the different other brand blades that are compatible with the Dremel tool. That means that blade and implement replacement is easy. Some other brands of Multi-Tools require their own specific blades, which no one likes. Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

The first grasp was quite telling. The body of the tool is solid feeling and heavy. The outer case is plastic but very sturdy. Housed inside is the very powerful 5.0 amp motor, the heart of the tool. The rubber inserts make the tool easy to hold, even with gloves or sweaty hands.

The power cord is heavy duty (for the large 5.0 amp motor) and is a two-prong plug.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

Probably my favorite feature is the Quick Lock system. Most other brands require you to hold down some sort of spring-loaded lever to release blades. This spring-loaded lever is usually hard to keep held down while you’re trying to get the blade lined up the way you want. I have pinched many a finger previously. Dremel’s Quick Lock system puts an end to all that heartache (and “fingerache”). The lever on the head of the tool locks in place, both released and secured. There is also a positive stop on both ends of travel so you know when it is all the way open or closed.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

Furthermore, there are 2 magnets on the head. These magnets hold the blades in place so you can lock the head without it falling off or moving. This feature was extremely helpful while trying to get the holes lined up on the blade.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

The variable speed knob is easy to use but out of the way so you will not accidentally turn it.

A vast assortment of blades and sanding attachments were included in the box. I was really surprised at how substantial the saw blades were. All of the Dremel branded attachments were very well made.

I received two additional sets of blades to use during testing. They were all equally as high in quality. They performed as well as the blades included with the saw.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Performance

Multiple things surprised me with this tool. I have owned and used multiple other manufacturer’s versions of this tool. They ranged from value brands, to what well-known quality brands. The Dremel Multi-Max MM45 exceeded my expectations.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

The tool is a bit heavier than similar models. It feels very solid, yet easy to hold. The controls are easy to manipulate. The power switch is large and easy to move with your thumb while not changing your grip. It is also big enough to be easily actuated with gloves on and it’s positive engagement makes it easy to tell when it is ON or OFF.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

This tool is far more powerful than most others, thanks to the whopping 5.0 amp motor. I used the small saw blade on something that this probably would not normally see a whole lot of, hardwood. I used the hardwood handle from an old hammer I am restoring. It cut through the hardwood like a proverbial hot knife through butter. The cut was smooth and had no burning. I have experienced burning, even with new blades, with other brands.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

The sanding attachment along with a 60-grit pad made quick use of the finish of the hardwood handle. It brought the finish down to the bare wood almost immediately. A flat spot was easily sanded on the side of the handle.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

Blades are easily attached and removed. The magnets helped out a lot more than I expected them to. I noticed rather quickly how much of an asset the locking lever was. It is a far superior design than the more common spring-loaded lever. You must hold the spring open while removing and attaching blades. On the Dremel Multi-Max MM45, the lever locks open and you are free to use both hands if need be to align the attachment in the desired orientation. This system was extremely user-friendly. It also avoided the pinched fingertips that I have previously experienced with other brands.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Value

Since oscillating Multi-Tools are available from pretty much every power tool manufacturer, their prices vary greatly. Their quality and features do too.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM45 comes in near the top of the pack for power, features, and quality. For these reasons, it is also towards the top of the price spectrum, but for good reason. The Home Depot offers this particular model for $129.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review

I have had other, less expensive oscillating Multi-Tools, and I can definitely tell you that you get what you pay for. The Dremel Multi-Max MM45 is much more powerful, built better, quieter, and easier to use than the one I paid half as much for. I was really surprised how much better the Dremel Multi-Max MM45 was, in every way, compared to my previous tools.

If I had to do it all over again, even though I do not use this kind of tool daily, I would pony up the extra cash for the extra features this model has.

Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Review Final Thought

Until this point, when I heard “Dremel”, I thought of their iconic rotary tools. This tool has changed my view on Dremel without a doubt. They managed to bring the same quality and features that we all know and expect from their rotary tools, into the Dremel Multi-Max MM45 Oscillating Multi-Tool. If you are in the market for a new Multi-Tool, be sure to consider this option from Dremel.


  1. I purchased the dremel 7.0 V60 oscillating tool online from Lowe’s, use 2 times ( small home projects)
    Switch broke, locking mechanism failed also,within about two weeks, was a big fan of dremel products before this.Don’t think I will purchase anything else, at the price it list for I expected a better products than this.


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