Diablo Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Diablo Metal Blades

When it comes to cutting accessories like circular saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, or jigsaw blades, Diablo has made a name for itself.  They offer anything from a general-purpose blade to a high-quality specialty blade.  Today we are going over two of their reciprocating saw blades and why these are a perfect fit for their family of products.  So let’s jump into the Diablo Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades.

Diablo Blades – Overview

I am a little biased when it comes to Diablo because I love their blades.  My experience with the brand has been nothing but positive so it’s hard for me to not be biased.  Anytime I get a new circular saw or miter saw, the first thing I do is take off the included blade and put my Diablo blade on the tool.  When I need reciprocating blades, I buy Diablo.  Again, it’s because of my experience with the brand.

I recently remodeled my house and that was all I used for my tools, Diablo blades.  I have a Milwaukee table saw and was doing trim work with it.  I installed an Ultra Finish blade on the saw.  When I was done I left it on.  Over the last couple of months, I had to cut some 2×4 and other wood.  Of course, I was too lazy to switch blades so I just ripped with the wrong blade.  Normally I would be a freak at changing blades but I know the Diablo blades are such high quality, it’s hard to ruin or make then dull.  Again, I do not recommend anyone doing this as you should always cut with the correct blade.  But the point was that I trust their blades so much and I know they hold up like no other blade, it didn’t bother me making a rough cut with an expensive blade.

So let’s take a look at two of their reciprocating saw blades.  One is for thick metal (Amped) and the other is for thin metal such as EMT pipe.

Diablo Metal Blades – Amped

The Steel Demon Amped blade is a carbide blade designed for thick metal. Diablo sells both a 6″ and a 9″ blade.  The one we used was the 9″ blade that has 8 TPI.  So what makes this so special?  Let’s take a look because there isn’t just one factor that makes this stand out, there are numerous reasons that this blade stands out above the rest.

Yes, it’s a carbide tip blade but this is TiCo Hi-Density carbide which means it’s designed for performance and designed for extreme conditions like cutting thick metal.

Reason #2 is I.C.E.  This is the first-ever industrial-grade coating, Black Industrial Cooling Element (I.C.E.). The ultra-slick Black I.C.E. provides the coolest and cleanest cutting edge, which in return provides superior chip evacuation.

Reason #3 is the blade is designed with a 1″ oversized blade body which not only provides stability but also provides straighter cuts with less vibration.

Reason #4 is Perma-Shield.  Perma-Shield resists heat build-up by protecting it from corrosion and gumming up.

So with these four reasons, that is why this is such a superior blade compared to others in the same field.  The Steel Demon cuts thickness from 3-16″ to 9/16″, has up to 100 times longer cutting life compared to standard blades, and offers 2 times the performance versus standard blades.

Diablo Metal Blades – Steel Demon

If you are looking to cut thinner metal such as metal conduit or metal tubing, you might want to go with the Steel Demon carbide blades. As with the Amped blade, these also come in a 6″ and 9″ length.

These reciprocating saw blades are designed with a high-performance carbide tipped tooth which not only performs better but causes less heat build-up and prolongs the life of the blade.  In fact, these blades can last up to 50 times longer than standard reciprocating saw blades.

Other features of these blades are the Perma-Shield which is a nonstick coating which means less friction and therefore, less heat build-up.  The Carbide strip teeth are milled for a smoother quality cut.

Diablo Blades – Performance

The bottom line, these blades perform.  As you can see, in thick or thin metal, these blades last and perform great.  The cut quality is top-notch and the blades last.  We cut a variety of material and as you can see, these blades perform like a champ.


We cut through a lot of steel.  We cut through a leaf spring, a rod, and other hardened and thick steel.  The bottom line, this blade is extremely impressive.  Not only did we cut through all that metal with a single blade but it still had life.  While that was a surprise, the speed is what amazed me the most.  I could not believe how fast the blade cut through all this steel.

Steel Demon

As with the Amped blades, we used the Thin Metal blades on a variety of stuff.  Again we couldn’t believe how fast and how smooth the cut was for a reciprocating saw blade.

Diablo Blades – Wrap Up

When it comes to blades, Diablo is the way to go.  While these two blades are great, I love the whole line of Diablo blades.  Yes, I am biased because of my experience with them but if someone or something treats you good, how can you not be biased?  I love the quality and I really think you get Diablo blades for a fair price. Both the Amped and the Thin Metal blade are worth every penny.


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