DeWALT Wearable Backing Flap Discs – Review


A few months back DeWALT released a new line of flap discs. I thought to myself how could flap discs change the way I work?  Well after using them for a few months now I realize they have changed the playing field.  Instead of using a grinding disc then going to a sanding disc, I can accomplish it all with just one DeWALT flap disc.

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The results of these discs really has to be seen to be believed, they automatically wear down to cloth allowing full use of the cloth which increases the life of the disc by 2x.  The premium zirconia cloth allows for an aggressive grinding rate.  The discs can grind and finish all in one step.  Using these discs I wonder how I ever got by before, they are great and I constantly use them.  I have not been able to wear one out yet.  Normal flap discs become useless quickly, but the design of the DeWALT make them last and usable even when worn down. The discs come in a variety of sizes and grits depending on your tool and job.  You can check out DeWALT”s page here. Time to throw out your fiber resin discs, for the money the DeWALT is the way to go.


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