Dewalt TStak Radio Review

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

If you are looking for a job site radio, you can get lost in the world as most power tool manufacturers offer some type of sound system to their cordless line of power tools. There is always that question, do I buy the best system out there or go with a sound system that is in my battery platform so you don’t have to invest in a new cordless line of tools.  While it’s hard to say there is a clear winner, there are some sound systems that do stand above the rest.  So let’s check out this system and dive into the Dewalt TStak radio review.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review Overview

Over the past couple of months, I have been working on my house and the one thing that I have to have is music in the background.  Over this time I have tried a couple of different brands of radios and have found there are differences between manufacturers.  Sure there is a clear difference among the clarity, but I have also found little issues that have annoyed me with a radio such as having to connect every time I turn on the radio.  For me, it should connect right away without me having to go into my Bluetooth and connecting each time.

In my garage, I have been using the Dewalt Toughbox and I absolutely love that radio.  The radio is clear, loud, easy to use and connects every time.  While the power button is a little backward and out of place, I love it.  So when I found out Dewalt was coming out with a smaller version, I knew this was something I would have to try out.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review Features

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

The TStak radio, model DWST17510, can be powered by a Dewalt battery or use the included power plug.  If you are using the power cord, you will also be able to charge your range of Dewalt batteries including 12V, 20V and Flexvolt. Dewalt designed this with the job site in mind and the radio earned an IP54 rating.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

On the front of the radio, there is a color screen and touch-sensitive buttons.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

The radio can connect via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

The radio features 4 full-range speakers plus 1 active sub-woofer and 1 assisted bass resonator.  This not only makes the system loud but also extremely clear.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

The screen will also provide you information such as artist and song titles.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

On the top of the radio, there is a large compartment. You can store the power cord or other stuff such as your phone.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review

The radio also features a fast USB charging outlet and aux port so you can charge your phone or bypass Bluetooth and attach your phone to listen to music and not drain your battery.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review Performance

While there are a lot of job site radios in the marketplace, this is one of the best sounding systems for the size and money.  While the radio reception isn’t that great, I still haven’t found one that impresses me. If you are the guy who likes to listen to local channels, this might not be the best buy for you since the reception isn’t impressive.

For the rest of us who have music on their phone or stream music, this is a solid performer.  Besides having a great sound to this system, the front panel makes it easy to control volume and other functions you would find on a sound system.

Dewalt does have an app that works through your phone.  The app is pretty intuitive and also very easy to use. You can turn the radio on or off with your phone. You can use presets for your radio stations, you can control the volume and best of all, it has your songs from your phone.  This way you don’t have to have two apps open when using this app.  While it won’t bring in your playlist, it’s nice to be able to play songs right from the Dewalt app.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review Value

For those interested in getting a quality sound system for the job site, you can pick the Dewalt TStak Radio up on Amazon for about $225.  If you are in the Dewalt line and especially if you use the TStak system, this is a great buy as it sounds clear and being able to transport and store it on the TStak system is a plus.  Not to mention you can use Dewalt batteries or a power cord.

If you are not invested in the Dewalt line, I think it’s still a great buy.  However, you do have to compare it against some of the other manufacturers if you are looking for that corded option and decide if it’s worth having an extra battery platform for a single tool.

Dewalt TStak Radio Review Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is one of the best job site radios on the market.  When you compare the size and sound quality, it’s pretty hard to beat.  Also considering it has great build quality, you can be assured that it will last a long time under daily abuse.


  1. This radio is shit. I live in stillwater Oklahoma. It barely has any reception at all. If I’m lucky i can get 1 or 2 stations to play but they’re staticy


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