Dewalt Tstak Boxes Review


A while back we took a look at the Dewalt Tstaks.  At the time they were offering four different types of boxes.  Well they were such a big hit for Dewalt, they decided to introduce two cool new boxes.  The Dewalt Tstak DWST17805 expansion organizer and the DWST17806 deep box.  I have been using these boxes for a while and love them.  Dan found some cool ways to integrate his system with his hobbies.  He uses some of his Tstaks for his remote control cars and electrical wiring stuff.  I know a lot of people love the Dewalt Tough Boxes, which are great, but for me I like the smaller boxes with more options.  I have a truck box and these fit perfect in the box.  Yes, I can get the Tough Boxes in there, but with the size of the Tstak I can better organize my stuff.

Dewalt DWST17805 Expansion Organizer

Dewalt Tstak 02This box is a cool addition to the line.  It’s a great way to keep all your fasteners in one place, plus be able to keep bits in the same container.  As with other Tstak configurations, this box allows you to stack and transport the units together easily.  The lid is clear and made from impact resistant plastic which obviously is key to see what’s in the box and also help protect it from the daily abuse.  One cool feature, which I didn’t know right away is the containers inside this box are removable.  When you remove one of the trays, you have more storage below so you can carry a lot of different fasteners in one place.  Once you have the fasteners in place and the lid closed, it does a great job by keeping all the fasteners in the proper place, even when the container is on its side.  A user can keep their bits on the side or in the front.  The bits on the front usually fall out when tipped on the side.  The storage on the side for the bits, pretty much stays in place.  As with the other Dewalt Tstaks, they use metal hinges for added durability.  You can buy these DEWALT Dwst17805 Tstak Expansion Organizer on Amazon.

Weight capacity of 22 lbs. Length 17.16 ” x Width 12.948 ” x Height 5.65


Dewalt DWST17806 Deep Box

Dewalt Tstak 11For me, this was a much needed box.  I like having deep boxes where I can just throw things in such as batteries, chargers and bigger tools.  In fact, I keep my cordless Milwaukee M18 in this box along with three batteries and a charger.  The box does have a removable tray on the top to store smaller hand tools or other items.  i just took mine out because I can’t keep my saw and the tray together.  This box can be stacked, locked on other boxes and also includes the metal latches.  You can see more about the DEWALT Dwst17806 Tstak Deep Box with Flat Top on Amazon.

Weight capacity of 44 lbs. Length 17.6 ” x Width 11.75 ” x Height 11.7 “.

I can’t say I have been swinging and throwing these boxes around, but they do get some abuse.  I have been extremely happy with these boxes and if I only had one box to use, it would be the Tstak.  Who knows what will be coming out in the near future.  I like the fact that there are six different boxes, so I can organize my stuff the way I want.  If you need something more durable, take a look at the Dewalt Tough Box System.


  1. Fantastic review Eric! If I had more tools I’d pick these up, but unfortunately I don’t need them right now! However, I am working on filling my garage.. as yall know compressor is my next purchase..and maybe some more fun once tax season rolls around

  2. Great Review Eric, I really wish Milwaukee would give tool storage a shot!!!! And that weathergurad is bigger than i thought, you can really fit a lot of stuff!!! I wish i had the money lol… But keep up the great reviews guys!

  3. These don’t look half bad! I am impressed Dewalt is continuing to expand this line – though I am concerned that eventually either the tough boxes or TSTAKs will be discontinued :

  4. Been thinking about getting the deep one I’m getting kinda tired if my bag being half open when I take all my tools with me to a side job

  5. These are way cool and will pull the trigger soon. Does anyone know if these fit the original organizer (do not know the official name but very similar to the expansion organizer Eric reviews here) with trays? I love the original clear organizer with the removal trays. I have three where I keep my Kreg jigs among other wood working gear, and of course screws and nails. The best part is the clear cover.


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