Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Power Tool Review


We reviewed the Dewalt orbital sander model number DW423K.

Specifications – Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Model – DW423K

Amps – 2
OPM – 12,000
Volts – 120
Size – 5″
Cord Length – 10 Ft.
Weight – 3.8 Lbs.
Other Features
Electronic Variable Speed
Dual Plane Counter Balance Fan
Dust Sealed Switch
Carrying Case
Control Finishing System

As a woodworker, you need to produce a nice surface for a variety of reasons.  Knowing this, we decided to test an orbital sander for this power tool review.  We found a Dewalt Random Orbital Sander online as a factory reconditioned tool, so we thought we would give this a test.

Our first impression was good.  If you have been following our other reviews you know we love carrying cases, and the Dewalt random orbital sander has its own case.  There is even room to pack some sand discs, along with other misc. items.

We wanted to run this sander through a bunch of tests, but one must remember with these tests, the sand paper will play a big part in the results.  So we tested the normal items we usually do with each power tool, but we added three additional test. One was vibration affects and arm fatigue. Another was weight applied to the sander before it bogs down. Third was how it finished work on softwood and hardwood.

Our first test was how vibration affected arm fatigue.  Dewalt uses a dual plane counter balance fan.  After using the sander for a while our hands did get tired.  The vibrations are a lot less than other orbital sanders we have used, but grabbing the sander from the top did cause some arm fatigue.  We found if you grab the sander on the side, you had more control and fatigue did not show up as soon.  We are not sure if it has to do with the tool design or the counter balance, but either way the side hold is far better.

Our second test was weight factor. Here we wanted to see how much weight could be applied before the sander would stop. For this test all we did was put a 1 inch piece of plywood down on a scale and started the sander up.  Well for a 2amp motor, we were impressed. At full speed we  were able to push down to 50lbs and the sander still didn’t bog.  Our scale only went to 50lbs.  On the slow speed or number 1 position at 40lbs we could hear the sander start to strain, but it was still going at 50lbs.  Not sure why you would every want to apply this much pressure with an orbital sander, but if need be it can handle this.

Our last test was the finish on softwood and hardwood.  A lot of this has to do with the sandpaper, the pressure you apply and your variable speed setting.  We still wanted to look and monitor the Dewalt Sander.  We used a variety a different grits with different speeds on both softwood and hardwood.  If you sand and use the correct speed for every type of wood, the final finish came out looking great.  We even applied stain to help bring out any blemishes, but for the most part, this was not a finicky power tool. Therefore, you do not have to be dead on to produce perfect finishes.

Over all, our power tool review of the Dewalt random orbital sander is great. We were extremely impressed with this power tool.  We like the dust covered power switch, the dust collector and the variable speed. 

Pro’s – Variable speed, low vibration, case, nice work output

Con’s – Grabbing from the top did produce a little fatigue, this is an older sander.

Professional Power Tool Guide Rating

The performance of the Dewalt sander was great. The main items, like vibrations, were very low. Most of the power seems to be transferred to your work, not your arm.

Ease of Use

The sander is very easy to use when looking for that sweet spot for speed and pressure, depending upon what type of material you are sanding


The Dewalt random orbital sander is very nice because it has the random setting to get the correct speed.


This sander has low vibrations, but holding this sander on the top did cause some fatigue in our arm, while holding the sander on the side let us work for longer periods of time.


Over all the Dewalt random orbital sander is a very nice sander. We like the power and low vibrations. We are giving it a 4 blade rating instead of 5 because it is an older model and our arm did get a little fatigued. We would suggest acquiring a current model, as this is a nice little power tool.


  1. This was a great review on a tool I need to add to my work shop. It seems to me that the guys doing the testing are using ” down to earth” real life situations in their analysis.

    One suggestion I do have though is that it would be nice if you guys did head to head competing brand tool reviews with videos!



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