Dewalt Hacksaw DWHT20547 – 5 in 1 Saw



Dan and I often visit the big box stores to look at new tools and run around the isle chasing each other.  Sometime I put him in the cart and just shove him down the isle, well not really but I would like to.  Maybe next time I can talk him into that.  If I do, I will video tape it.  At our last visit to Home Depot, Dan being Dan, just had to buy something.  Considering he just bought the Dewalt 20V Impact, he had to be more careful of his spending habits this time.  So he decided on going with the Dewalt Hacksaw, DWHT20547 for about $25.  After telling him not to buy it, since he is a compulsive buyer and doesn’t need it, he still went ahead and jacked up his Home Depot credit card. I tried to convince him to buy me lunch with the money he would save, I still got a free lunch out of the deal, so I was happy either way.

I have to say I am glad Dan is a compulsive buyer because this saw is very cool and innovative.  Basically it’s five tools in one.  The five tools are:

  1. High Tension Hacksaw
  2. Low profile saw
  3. Jab Saw
  4. Long Reach Saw with hacksaw blade
  5. Long Reach saw with reciprocating blade

Changing from one tool to another is a snap.  Just slide the small black slide that is located on the bottom of the handle, loosen the tension rod and you can now convert your hacksaw into four other tools.  With the tension rod, the saw can hold the blade up to 330 lbs of force.  All the other tools are very easy to convert, adjust and secure the blade in place.  We did find using the long reach method, we needed a screw driver with which isn’t a big deal.  The saw does come with both blades and the 6″ reciprocating blade does store nicely in the top when not in use.  When converted each tool has a nice feel and balance to it.  The overall balance of the whole tool is very nice and is light at only 1.3 lbs.  As with all other Dewalt hand tools, this comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


All I can say is that I am lucky to have a friend like Dan who is a compulsive buyer.  If you can get a friend like Dan, your a lucky person.  I would have never probably bought this hacksaw, since I have three hacksaws sitting in my shop.  I would have missed out on a really cool tool.  This is now my favorite hacksaw and will be buying one soon.  Actually not, I can wait for Dan to get bored with it and just take it from him.



  1. 5 in one. You’ve made a sixth use which probably wouldn’t work because blade would not be secure.

    High Tension Hacksaw 90 degree
    High Tension Hacksaw 45 degree
    Low profile saw
    Jab Saw
    Long Reach Saw with hacksaw blade

    Nice job anyway. Great saw. Have one.


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