DeWALT DXGN14000 Generator with Honda Motor – Reliable Job Site Power


Here at Tools in Action we have reviewed all kinds of generators and inverters.  We have spoken to a lot of contractors about reliability and two names stand out, Honda and DeWALT.  If you want reliable job site power in a package that can survive just about any environment then these are the names to go with.  The DXGN14000 happens to have the best of both worlds.  A rugged DeWALT job site tough tested frame with a reliable 20hp Honda GX630 motor.

The rugged steel frame has 13″ pneumatic wheels and a fold down handle.  This enables the unit to be transported around the job site with ease.  It does weigh around 350 pounds so obviously effort is required.  The metal gas tank holds 10 gallons which will give you 8 hours of run time at 50% load.  There is a gas gauge on the top so you can monitor your fuel situation.  On the top of the frame is a hook mount for easy lifting.  All maintenance items are easy to access on the unit with the exception of the oil fill which needs the included adapter to fill.

The Honda GX630 is probably the most reliable efficient 20hp gas motor in the world.  This is the engine of choice for high end outdoor products.  The big V-twin has one central location for all of the controls.  The keyed start, choke and a hour meter are all in this location.  For those who need a spark arrestor one is included with this generator.  Mounted to the motor is a premium brushless alternator with low total harmonic distortion.  In laymans terms this means clean power for all of your electronic devices.  The front panel has all power related controls, a 50amp circuit breaker, 2- 20 amp circuit breakers, 2x 20 amp 120V GFCI outlets,  30 amp 120/240 twist lock and a 50 amp 120/240 twist lock.

The DXGN14000 is rated for 11700 watts with a max output of 14000 watts. This kind of power will power most anything you can throw at it on the job site. We used this unit a lot to power welding equipment, it provided reliable clean power for every weld.  At one point we had a plasma and a welder going at the same time.  For welding we used a HOBART generator adapter which worked perfect.  This unit also has idle control which allows the motor to run at a lower rpm when not under load.  This saves fuel and also keeps the noise level down below 83dBA.  If you are in the market for a tough, reliable power source to run an entire job site take a look at the DeWALT DXGN14000 generator.  DeWALT backs this unit with a 3 year warranty.


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  1. Great review Dan. Very thorough. That generator could power iron mans suit. That is a beast. Like you said, great forJob sites and anything. Keep up the great work.

  2. I had a hitachi compressor with Honda motor and it was a work horse i see alot of dewalt generator on job site here and now you make me want to get one 🙂


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