DeWALT DWE315 Oscillating Multi-Tool – Better Late Than Never


DeWALT fans rejoice the multi-tool is finally here after years of waiting.  Does it blow the competition away? Was it worth the wait?  Let’s find out.  The DWE315K is the kit and it comes with 29 accessories of which 25 are sanding discs.  It also comes with a bag and a plastic case to hold the included accessories.  DeWALT added a level of control to this tool not seen before, a variable speed paddle trigger.  This gives the multi-tool a whole new level of control, one handed operation is a breeze.  The 13″ long tool weighs in at 3.1lbs.  It has a drill like grip and plenty of rubber over-mold to make almost any position comfortable.  The tool has 3.0 amps of power to cut through almost any material at 0-22,000 oscillations per minute @ a 1.6 degree angle.

On the head of the tool is a bright white LED light that illuminates the work area.  Back in 2011 we gave an award to the Porter Cable PC250 at the 2011 Tools in Action Tool Awards for its innovative blade change system.  The DeWALT incorporates basically the same system and is the fastest tool-less accessory change on the market.  That is only when DeWALT and Porter Cable accessories are used.  You can use other brands accessories but you will have to use the included hex screw and washer to attach it to the DWE315.  DeWALT also included a depth adjustment bar that is removable.  It allows you to have accurate depth and height control. The total control of this multi-tool is unmatched.  However if you need anything less than full power for long periods you will not like this tool.  The paddle switch can be locked on full speed only, other tools turn on and you can dial in the power to a constant speed.

While using this tool I really liked the ability to hold it like a drill with one hand.  It felt natural and well balanced.  While there was no dust extraction port we have seen some european models with a dust extraction accessory that I am sure will be available here soon.  DeWALT covers this tool with a 3 year warranty.  For the finish carpenter, installer and re-modeler an oscillating multi-tool is a life saver.  The DeWALT DWE315 will not disappoint and was worth the wait.



  1. I looks realy nice and i know a guy who have the porter-cable and he cuts the blade to use them tool less can’t wait to see the cordless one and did you try the new bosch blade ? If yes how do they compere to the old one ? They are buy far the best blade i’ve used and if the new ones last longer it woiuld be so nice Great review

  2. I am surprised to hear you say that it was worth the wait. I have heard mostly negative things about it, so that is definitely interesting. A lot of people don’t like the trigger but to each his own! Apart from people who are die-hard Dewalt fans, I am not sure how well this will be able to penetrate the market…. Do you think it will be able to?

    • Hi John, I havent heard any negative things about the trigger except from Eric who prefers the non trigger kind. For me I like the trigger it offers a whole new level of control, I also am a HUGE fan of the single hand easy accessory change. HUGE FAN! it is the easiest, fastest and best I have seen so far well except for the port cable. You can work this tool with one hand easily and precisely. This is a nice OSC tool but you are right that the trigger will be deal breaker to some and huge value to others.

  3. I’m glad dewalt finally made one and there’s no better quick change system out there but after reading your review I’m a bit disappointed that the lock can only be used at full speed. I was wondering about that before the review and was reminded how some corded drills only lock on in full speed and then thought, naw dewalt won’t cripple a great idea with a lock that only locks in at full speed but sure enough they did. I like to use mine in low to medium speed while sanding and that means if I was using this it wouldn’t lock on and I would get tired from being forced to press the trigger the entire time. FAIL!

  4. like the light…quickchange…paddle switch …have try before
    commenting. like Eric said,me to, so use to rotary dial on
    multitools.use rockwell sonicrafter won here on fathers day
    giveaway.awesome..first sonic crafter tool for me.milwaukee
    12 volt multi still going strong..small
    purchase on tools..knipex 7132200 mini bolt love.
    ended up buying blackndecker 36 volt blower.awesome.worx was
    on wait till oct have it now.think worx gutter kit
    will work on b&d.looks so similar.good review on dewalt.paddle
    switch works good on a grinder…maybe some like it on the multitool.
    see how the reviews come in.agree bosh blade are very good.cheers.toolon.good weekend toolinactioners.

  5. It would have been nice if they could have included both control schemes into the new multi-tool either paddle switch or control dial. I posted on the video review if it might be possible to modify Bosch blades to use on the Dewalt multi-tool by notching a slot in back of the blade to the tool and fit over the spindle on the quick release. I know modifying something like that is not recommended by Bosch or Dewalt, but it’s something that is interesting to me Bosch makes the best blades at a decent price.

  6. This tool is awesome., so many uses. The only thing I don’t think it it does a good job of, is with the paint scraper attachment. It just chews up the wood.

  7. Hey Dan me agan did you or Eric tryed Dewalt roofing and carpet blade ? In december i have a carpet to remove and i was wondering how well it gose or is it even out yet ?

  8. Thanks for the great review! The quick release and the fact that it accepts blades from other makers are grea benefits. We have recently vistied
    John from DeWalt who ran through the features and benefits of this tool which you may find interesting. It can be viewed on Toolstop TV: We also have a review on our blog which you may find useful:

  9. Great review guys! Glad to see DeWalt FINALLY released and ocilating tool! The light and quick change system are great! I dont like that you have to use dewalt blade, that seems like to me thats a way they can make more money bye people having to buy there blades….Also no vaccum system is a big deal breaker! Keep up the great work!


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