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The portable table saw market is popular with all kinds of different sizes and configurations.  The professional contractor needs power, portability, stability, accuracy and durability to be competitive on today’s job site.  The DeWALT DW744XRS fills all those needs perfectly.  The DW744XRS is not the new kid on the block and it has been out for quite a few years.  Still today it is at the top of the portable table saw market.  It has a lot of time out in the field and all the contractors I spoke with have nothing but praises to say about the saw.

The first thing I want to talk about is the stand.  The stand is not fast to setup or fold up by any means, but it is the most stable platform we have ever tested.  The saw doesn’t wobble or move, even when we had a 150 lb oak door going across, the saw stayed planted and made a perfectly accurate cut. To fold the saw you simply lift up one end and fold the legs then do the other side,  nice positive lock handles make folding a breeze.  Another great feature to this design is that the saw can easily be detached from the stand for transport.  Squeeze the two plastic latches on the back of the saw and it is released.  To put the saw back on just place it on the stand and snap it into the guides.  This is a life saver when you have to haul the saw around by yourself and if you have a pick up bed cover it fits perfectly underneath. Being locked underneath the pickup bed cover was a big thing for me, it is protected from the elements and thieves.  The big wheels allow you to easily navigate the jobsite terrain and the metal handle feels solid.  The stand is also available separately and you can use it with most any brand saw.

We are good in the stability and transport department, but what about power?  Well the 15 amp high torque motor has an electric feedback system that maintains blade RPM for a better cut and a soft start to reduce wear.  Vibration is minimal thanks to an internal motor mechanism that stabilizes the arbor.  The saw has 24.5″ rip capacity and the fence locks into place with a simple lever.  Once locked, it remains square and locked better than any other saw I have seen.  The rack and pinion fence rail adjustments are smooth and extremely precise.  I love the adjustability and accuracy of this saw.  The table is 26-1/2″ X 19-1/4″ and has a 3-1/8″ depth of cut at 90° and 2-1/4″ at 45°

Accessories and guards all have a place and are tool-less, once you have it down you can add and remove them in seconds.  The miter gauge is top notch and easily adjustable, however it would fall out of its storage area when we hit some rough terrain.  All of the adjustments on the saw a smooth and accurate.  To keep the work area clean it has a 2″ dust port on the back.  The push stick clips to the side of the fence and is always easily available.  The 2 blade change wrenches are located on the side where you can also store extra blades.  The standard 3 year DeWALT warranty covers this product.  Overall, you can’t go wrong with the DeWALT DW744XRS.  It is in my opinion the best portable table saw on the market.



  1. Very nice saw. I’d have to be a millionaire to buy every new saw and tool
    that you guys review. Just about the time you think you have the best
    something new comes out that is better. However i do like this new saw
    I better start saving up for this one. THANKS GUYS, GREAT REVIEW.

  2. So it seems that the best comapact table saws are the Dewalt DW744 and the Bosch 4100.
    But out of the two, what one would you say is the most accurate?
    I’m looking to use on in my workshop, but don’t have room for a big cabinet saw.

    • Hi Benny, The DeWALT is the most accurate and has the best portability. Im my opinion it is the best table saw on the market.

  3. I’ve seen you review the Bosch, DeWalt and Ryobi. But can’t see a review of any Makita table saws. Have you had any experience with the Makita 2704? And if so how would does it compare?


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