Dewalt DW618 Router Review

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

A router lets your true creativity come out.  It can take a normal piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful.  When it comes to fine woodworking, a router is one of those tools that is a must.  This brings me to the Dewalt DW618 Router Review.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Overview

The Dewalt DW618PKB Router is more than just the unit.  We will jump into everything that comes in the kit in a bit.  First, let’s take a step back.  The router dates back to 1915.  The story is interesting and would recommend reading it on Wikipedia.  Lucky for us, Oscar and his son lost a contract with the railroad and now our lives are easier for our woodworking project.

I use routers all the time and own a couple.  I have a cordless router, a full-size router, a palm router and this Dewalt router that I am using in my Bosch Router table.   So let’s take a closer look at this router and why I went with this router for my router table and plunge needs.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Features

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

The Dewalt DW618PKB is powered by a 2-1/4 hp, 12 amp motor that is designed for power and speed.  The base is a die-cast machined aluminum which means a lither weight router and more durable.

The tool features a soft start and has an electronic variable speed to help maintain speeds under loads.  The speed ranges from 8,000-24,000 rpm.

One feature I have not seen on a router, which I am a huge fan of is the detachable power cord.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

The router uses a dust-sealed on/off switch.  I like how the top is protected for accidental shutoffs while using the tool.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

The router features a micro-fine depth adjustment which allows the user to make 1/16″ changes.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

The router comes with two collets, a 1/4″ and 1/2″.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

The sides are designed with a rubber over-mold handle.

The plunge base also features a micro-fine depth adjustment of 5/128″.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Performance

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

I love the power but most importantly, I can’t believe how quiet the router is.  I am going from an old Porter Cable router which was awesome, but it just got to the point it broke down.  The router was extremely loud so it’s nice going to a quiet router that can perform.

So far I am loving this router.  The router is quiet and powerful.  I have it attached to my Bosch router table.  I see some people have had problems with the build quality such as motor or ring breaking.  I have about three hours on the router and so far it has been awesome.  I used it for my 4×4 banisters, some custom trim, and a picture frame.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review

I also love being able to easily take the router from the base on the router table and use the plunge base.

I gave it a 3.5 star for quality, not because I have had any issues, but going online, I am seeing people having problems.  However, most people are going to complain about an issue than give praise.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Value

You can pick the Dewalt DW618PKB up on Amazon for about $190.  You can pick it up for cheaper if you don’t need the plunge base.  For my use, $190 is an awesome deal.

I love the power and love being able to attach it to my router table when needed.  However, if I need to plunge with the router, I can leave the base attached and just use the plunge without having to unscrew a base.

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Wrap Up

Overall I love this router.  The router is powerful and quiet.  The plunge is smooth and easy to work with.  I have nothing to complain about except I am a little cautious since I have seen others have some problems with the unit.  However, that does seem like it happened rather quickly when they started using it.  Since I have two hours of use and no issues, I am sure my router is solid.


  1. Just wondering am I reading this wrong or was it a mistake? first you say the router has variable speed later your article indicates you wish it had variable speed. I’ve been router shopping recently found your article to be very interesting just got confused at that point. thought I would ask the source

    • My mistake and thanks for bringing that to my attention. When I wrote this article, I had an older router I was also using and the older router didn’t have variable speed. The Dewalt does have electronic variable speed.


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