DeWALT DCS355 20V Brushless Multi- Tool – Winner


Congrats to Stoneysworkshop from Youtube for winning the DeWALT DCS355 Brushless Multi-Tool. Tomorrow someone will win the Ultimate Tool Bag. Starting December 30th 2013 is awards week where we will have giveaways all week. How do you win? Subscribe to us on Youtube and or like us on Facebook. Good luck! Check out our DeWALT DCS355 review here.



  1. Hi Dan, I saw dewalts brushless gasless nailer hanging in the background and was just wondering how you liked it compared to paslodes? I want to get one but it would be my only 20v max tool and was wondering if it was even worth what they sell it for.

  2. Do dremel blades fit in the dewalt multi-tool? Like most people I have a dremel corded multi-tool and the blades are just readily available. If they fit Dewalt’s corded multi-tool without having to use a screw I’ll pick one up.

  3. I love using this Multi Tool it is one of my favourite tools in my kit. The battery lasts an incredible amount of time, the attachments are easy to install with no need for a tool / Allen key to put them into place. The only gripe I have is the cost of the cutting blades, feels like manufactures are taking the piss out of people charging so much for them.

  4. Not to worry; many company’s are coming out with quick change blades for this tool. Ebay has lots of blades for the Dewalt multitool. My guess is that within a couple of years almost all multi tools will have this feature. Although I have never been a big fan of Dewalt I love this tool along with the 20v max saber saw. I own a lot of Milwaukee M18 fuel and don’t like to mix brands but the Dewalt multitool and saber saw have Milwaukee and Makita beat hands down. Otherwise the M18 fuel tools are the best on the market IMHO.


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